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Sony downplays GTA IV's extras, but nobody's buying it

There once was a time when exclusives played a big part in console sales, and while times have indeed changed, having the right games on your hardware can still make a difference. It's public knowledge that Sony may have dragged their feet ...


SOCOM Confrontation has a release date, site goes live

Scores of PlayStation 2 owners will vouch for how much joy the SOCOM games have brought to their console over the years (present company included), so it's not exactly surprising that interest in the next game, SOCOM Confrontation, has been...


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Plan on licking the bowl?

April 15th has long been notoriously associated with tax deadlines, but thanks to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue being released on that day, gamers at least have something positive to look forward to. Many of you are still on the fence about spend...


PlayStation Store briefly compromised by hackers

Reports have been coming in that Sony's PC PlayStation Store has been the latest victim of hackers, although the extent of the unauthorized break-in appears to be minimal. According to Sony's own consumer alerts page: Notice to PLAYSTA...


All is not well in Vegas 2, online chokes

When I rushed home from the store the other day with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (PS3 version) in hand, I couldn't wait to try out the multiplayer and see how much it improved upon the first. Much to my dismay, however, I was only able to get ...


Rumortoid: KOTOR MMO, RPG, or nonsense: You decide

They may not nail it 100% of the time, but anonymous (and not so anonymous) tipsters are the lifeblood of our industry; at least to us bloggers. Unless you are on the inside track concerning all current and future projects in existence -- a...


Sony's PSN: With some will and $1200, there is a way.

Just when we thought all the relevant information to be had from GDC was out in the open, along comes this tidbit that could further open the door for budding developers in our mist. Untapped talent just waiting to be discovered? This is fo...


Is Nintendo Duck Hunting without a license?

According to some Matlocking done by Destructoid C-blogger MaxVest, Nintendo's grasp on the Duck Hunt trademark may be in some serious jeopardy in the not so distant future. That is, taking into consideration t...


In its uncut glory, GTAIV is about as long as a monster RPG

It seems that not a single day goes by without some new GTAIV information finding its way to our inbox, and the latest news from the guys over at videogamer has it that the game will take you about 100 hours to complete -- give or take a fe...


Chris Taylor: Authentication will save PC gaming

In keeping with the theme that the current PC model is broken, Gas Powered Game's Chris Taylor thinks that the platform will live long and prosper, as long as on important change is made as to how we play the game. During GDC last week...


EA strongarms Take-Two, goes public [Update]

Whoever said that weekends are slow apparently forgot to consult with CEO John Riccitiello. He drops the bomb on us this Sunday, going public with the news that EA is deadly serious about adding Take-Two to their portfolio of inve...


Microsoft bites the bullet: HD DVD no more

Ever since the (not so?) great mass defection of 2007-2008, it has been expected that Microsoft would at some point, abandon their own support of the HD DVD format. If you've taken a peek at Gamerscore since Saturday, you probably...


GDC 08: APB makes a big splash, gamers gawk in amazement

Crackdown still comes to mind as the game that nearly overshadowed the title it included as a demo, but as the following videos shared with us by GameVideos shows, Realtime Worlds isn't looking to be a one-trick pony. As you can see, ...


Fox News proves that braggarts finish last (sometimes)

I've been gaming since the reign of Atari, and I've probably done some thoughtless things along the way. However, not once did I ever have the urge to call one of my buddies late at night to brag about my exploits. Judging by this story on ...


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