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More sick Salmon Run jams.


This song is so sick.


If you guys haven't tried that dance mini-game in Splatoon 2, it's actually surprisingly fun. Has normal and hard mode, and 42 songs (what), seems like almost the whole OST. It displays a silver and gold squid by the title if you get perfect runs.


Salmon Run is worth $60 for me. Oh my god, it's so fun. I get done with a match and just laugh, and I'm here by myself. The higher difficulty levels are just total chaos. I can't wait to see how they keep updating it, assuming they will.


How do you display a drawing in your Splatoon 2 profile? I posted one to twitter but that's all I saw.


Couldn't be happier with Splatoon 2. The more time I spend with it, the more its subtle alterations feel great. Havent even finished single player, or tried Salmon Run yet. Feels like a lot of content to me.


I really need to step up my MiiVerse game.


I think I'm all set for a bit ...


Switch available on Amazon US right now. Probably not for long.


Wow at Jed's twitter rant. Did he just imply that he gets to police who his boss talks to on twitter? That's certainly one way to approach unemployment I guess. And I take offense at the continued aspersions towards anime avatars.


Splatoon 2 is in the mail coming from Amazon ... but .... it's up now digitally ....


Salt and Sanctuary is on sale on PSN. It's a shameless Souls clone in 2D, and a low budget one at that, but it's pretty fun.


Finally found a good version of my favorite Splatoon 2 track so far. Had this in my head since that Nintendo Direct.


For the record, I absolutely was not in North Carolina yesterday.


Fourth Wave Feminism continues to be crazy. These poor kids are being humiliated by their mom and treated like criminals. If this isn't a cult, I don't know what is. The ease with which she can go against her own kids is scary.


I can't believe some of these Castlevania reviews I just read, like Ars Technica slamming the gore. This is personally one of my favorite anime since Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. I remember when all anime used to be gory and it was great!


Fucking hell, Castlevania is REALLY good. This is such a joy to watch. Just grinning ear to ear.


Just saw that threatening comment policy notice. I can still troll and insult people in quickposts though right? That's like 80% of my posting here ...


Trying to go for all medals on Kirby 3D Blast looks pretty challenging for a Kirby game. Just getting them all on 1-1 EX took me about 12 tries. You have to take zero damage and speed run the level while killing all enemies and getting all collectibles.


The Alliance Alive OST is out FINALLY. Masashi Hamauzu (Final Fantasy X, XIII, XIII-2, Lightning Returns, World of Final Fantasy). 3.5 hours of music.


Technically off-topic, but feminism keeps popping up so often in gaming it's not even off-topic anymore. Really interesting critique of intersectionality from a feminist


Hyped about all these people getting Ever Oasis. Whole new Nintendo IP. A bit under the radar since it's on 3DS. Sometimes you just gotta take a chance on new stuff. I am curious if everyone's into it as much as I am though. Starts slow, but ramps up


Anyone have any tips for fighting the Talus enemies? This trial sure exposes your weaknesses quickly.


Kinda wish they did a Tethu amiibo, or put him in some cameos in the future. His character design has really grown on me. Super original. Really like how everyone's weapons are plants too.


Tried out Until Dawn with a non-gamer and it failed pretty spectacularly, unfortunately. Extremely slow start, taking about 2 hours before anything even started happening. Very awkward acting and writing. Too bad.


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