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Just Give Me 10 More Hours

With a sigh, I realized I had just installed WoW, downloaded a truckload of patches, merged my existing account with Battle Net and started playing that MMO again. Generally, when it comes to MMO games I play ferociously from anywhere from ...


About AntRidone of us since 7:23 PM on 02.14.2010

The year 1986 was a grand year. The new supermarket opened down the road, the first PC virus was introduced to the world and I came into the world. Those events may not have been direct results in me being born at the same time but you canít deny the facts.

Growing up was uneventful. I was a quite normal baby apart from the fact I didnít crawl. I just got up and walked. I could have greater then normal intelligence or it could have been a mutating bacterial disease. Turns out it was just a slight mental deficiency, phew, regarding hand eye coordination and the doctor who suggested video games as a solution is a genius in my books.
I started with the SNES and the first cartage I shoved into the slot was Yoshies Island. My taste slowly improved from there until we get to today.

Other important milestones have occurred during this time but I canít be other to recall or record them here. This is a blog about games for gods sake why are you all so inquisitive?
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