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Looking Back To Look Forward

PAST & FUTURE #2 As is proven by a quick scan of the multitude of ideas and topics raised on a single page of our Destructoid web community alone, we live in a time when videogames are reaching beyond the screen and into our minds and he...


E for Effort: Red Steel

MONTHLY MUSINGS #1 As the exclusive that was supposed to prove the Wii's capability for revolutionising traditional game genres, with even Nintendo stating that theirs was the perfect system for FPS', the legacy of the original Red Steel...


Epic Fail: Clash of the Titans

I R Shiny Beardy Godly Neeson! Your argument is invalid! NON-GAMING REVIEW #4 Film Review Scale - 5/5: Masterpiece; 4/5: Very Good; 3/5: Decent; 2/5: Weak; 1/5: Awful; 0/5: Uwe Boll CLASH OF THE TITANS 'Director': Louis Leterrier Stars:...


The Accidental Death of a Plumber

ESSAY #7 Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been getting a push this week and while it looks as fabulous as a sequel to one of this generation's most accomplished games ought to, the sight of Yoshi catching Bullet Bills proved revelatory for reaso...


The Devil In The Details: Deus Ex retrospective

GREAT GAME DESIGN #3 The Deus Ex irony is that despite being a game about breaking out of the limits of the human form, players are given the opportunity to express themselves in a more natural way than any game since. Warren Spector, in...


A Curious Thing: Amy MacDonald album review

NON-GAMING REVIEW A CURIOUS THING Amy MacDonald Genre: Pop-Rock, Indie Released by: Mercury Records Since the demise of the indie-rock 'Britpop'-era, it took the emergence of Amy Winehouse and the international success of her record Bac...


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I'm a 26-year old English writer, formerly known on the CBlogs as Xandaça. I've been an avid gamer since I was a wee lad, gripping a NES controller in my hands and comprehensively failing to get past those infuriating Hammer Bros on Level 8-3 of Super Mario Bros. I've stuck with Nintendo since then (not for any animosity towards the other console makers of course - Nintendo just make games I enjoy and have grown up with), apart from a brief sojourn with a Sony PlayStation, several woeful attempts to play Half-Life 2 using a laptop touchpad and sporadically wrangling a turn on my sister's beloved Sega Saturn.

In addition to burping out the occasional novel, I'm a passionate critic, writing reviews and articles of films, book and games for my school magazine and university newspaper, for which I created and edited its film section. In addition to starting up my own blog, covering television, games and movies, I am also a writer for Destructoid's cine-geek sister Flixist. While primarily a film geek, the evolution of the games industry over the course of its short lifetime has fascinated me and provided vast quantities of content for some incendiary pieces of work - perhaps a few more might spring up on here?

My Favourite Games of All Time (because who doesn't love having a few Of All Time lists?) are GoldenEye 007 (which I still play through at least once a year to remind me of its glories), Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Gunstar Heroes, Super Mario Bros 3 (I don't know who told Shigsy Miyamoto-san that raccoons could fly, but I'll love them forever) and No More Heroes.

I hope you find great enjoyment in my many scribings, and please keep an eye out for upcoming news on my novel(s) and do pay a visit to my blog sometime. And yes, the Dtoid community's 'no copy and paste' rule will be fully respected!

Good gaming, everyone!