DeS: The worst losing streak in esports this year: 0-40
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1969 -- Man walks on the moon. For many years no other great feat or discovery happened. Until 2018 that is


I'd like to give a shout out to the word shout out, for we would not have the means to do so if such a concept never existed


Y'all are over here playing Monster Hunter World and I just started Farcry 3 for the first time LOL and of course playing Oblivion here and there


All joking aside, the correct answer is 3


An accurate depiction of me looking for parking in the morning when pulling into work


Meanwhile on my YouTube channel


Happy Birthday Panda! You're the coolest yo!


Happy Birthday Wes and Larx! You guys are awesome!!


Whelp, that's Grandia 2 Anniversary finished, on 'Hard' mode! Great game, Recommend it whole-heartedly for any JRPG fan! All that leaves is Xtreme! So far? 2 > 1 > 3. 3 Had the best battle system, while 2 had a better cast of characters. 1 had charm tho!


The Unreal Engine 4 Diaries: The hardest part about making a game is trying not to be lazy, and putting all my ideas in order since implementing each idea is no small feat. Here's a landscape I've made however for my concept game!


Shutterstock Saturday


The XC2 Diaries: Having a better time with the game now that I'm following the main quest line and putting side questing on hold. I keep accidentally skipping cutscenes. I admit however that the voice acting is very hit or miss in the game


XC2 Help! I'm on Chapter 2, level 12 but I keep getting killed even by level 9 enemies. Grinding doesn't seem to be the answer because I'm not getting enough exp to level up, what should I be doing to help survive battles? Some sidequests I can't beat too


I keep listening to this


There's this great simplicity in Mario Odyssey that caused me to take out Xenoblade 2 (with its God awful amount of tutorials, showing up 4 hours into gameplay even) and pop Odyssey back in to get more moons. Post game moon collecting is fresh and fun!


Woke up to 2 inches this morning. Then I peered out my window and saw that it was snowing!


Whelp, that's Mario Odyssey! The main game at least. I'll revisit the post game a little later, but I'm anxious to get started on Xenoblade 2!


Mario Odyssey: I think unless Xenoblade 2 surprises me this might be the game of the year for me. Keep in mind though I haven't played many new games this year. Also:


Super Mario Odyssey so far: loving the pseudo-open worlds, the 2D sections are neat as well, but those rabbit bosses are ugly. Would've rather Nintendo recycle the Koopa kids again, but still, fun Mario game, last one I played was Sunshine in 2002 LOL


Oh fuck UPDATE:SW-3681-1552-6714


I wanted to show off some Unreal dev stuff I've been working on. Here I demonstrate bullet penetration, an inventory system and crafting. This was done using C++ and Blueprints. I plan to use these mechanics in a full fledged FPS game. What do you think?


I almost bought a Switch and Mario Odyssey today when I stopped in at Best Buy, but they seemed to be out of them at my local store. You win this round, wallet


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