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#OPtoid a really great anime that I watched when I was a kid


Unpopular Opinion:


Let's hang out


Quit blueballing me (literally) Sonic Mania! Get out of my dreams and into my Steam library!


#OSTatWork I hear that this is a rather terrible game but holy cow that soundtrack is amazing. Seriously, very good stuff, it's too bad the game it's tied to was universally panned


Snagged that Steam humble bundle, thought I'd share with you: Strider 5YY9Q-LEVPP-0MBKX; umbrella corps : 6VHTJ-IDCT7-H8XFI; umbrella corps upgrade pack: 5E375-0YTQH-E04X5 Have fun, and let people know you've claimed a game


#OSTatWork currently playing World of Final Fantasy. So far a pretty good game, horrible writing and a story that seems just there to tie all the fan service together, but still a serviceable JRPG


A political foundation is no small inheritance, but owning a piece of Bose?! I'd say bitch is pretty set for life. I do love my Bose earphones and soundbar!


Someone in the office either has food that smells like shit or farted. It's so bad that I had to turn down my music to better identify the smell. Also, #OSTatWork


Trying to resist the Steam Summer Sale but that won't last, I gotta have Fallout 1+2 definitely, hoping Grandia 2 goes on sale also #selfietoid #cutetoid(imo LOL)


#OSTatWork I heard this game isn't that great but it has a pretty great Ost!


Finished Blood of Elves and now I'm on to Time of Contempt. I also now own all the Witcher games so I'll probably start playing them soon! Also still having a lot of fun with Tekken 7 on PC, though matchmaking is still iffy. Also, #vaporwavewednesday?


The Tekken 7 Diaries: decided to main Feng Wei and Yoshimistu. Lost every single ranked match I got into. Took a break and came to destructoid. Y'all arguing about sandwiches. Wouldn't change a thing <3


Bought Tekken 7 on Steam. Add me if you want an easy online win!


uhuhuhuhuhuhhuh huhuh.... 69 hours


Listening to the Blood of Elves Witcher audiobook now, getting closer to actually playing the Witcher 3 but still far. Also have been playing Mass Effect 1 for the first time!


I know I said I'm not into Scifi esque books but I've had Brave New World by Aldous Huxley for 10 years and never read it, so here I am trying to remedy that, then God Bless You Mr. Rosewater after. Also, have some Jungle mix


Just finished Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut. Good book, however I just am not much into Sci-fi stuff. Mother Night and Breakfast of Champions still ranks higher for me. Next is God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater


I've been playing Axiom Verge. Great game, though I've never mashed buttons harder to skip past dialog. It's not its strong suit. Also discovered Makoto(not the Makotos you all are probably thinking)


Cool, so that's Grandia III finished! Next up is Wild Arms Alter Code F and Okage Shadow King for my PS2 JRPG saga!


Happy Piccolo Day, and always remember:


Thanks @RadPartyGod for the KOTOR fix tip. Haven't tried it as my config file already has that setting ticked, so I'm at a loss. Sounds like an Nvidia issue with that game. Also, what's up with these Dtoid ads?


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