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Hey guess what I was born today but a long time ago


Mastered a game originally from my childhood according to PSN


So I took the bait on that humble bundle monthly thing for Spyro and COD:WWII and I have a Steam Key for Crash N. Sane Trilogy but I already have it. Anyone want it? Let me know! First come first served.


So did I miss the CTR Nitro Fueled review? Where it at guys


Looks like I still got the CTR skills I had when I was a kid


Been playing Grim Dawn for the past couple days. Really cool game, reminds me a lot of Baulder's Gate Dark Alliance from the good 'ol PS2 days. A bit repetitive at times but otherwise it's good Wish this came out on Switch! Would love to have it on the go


Hey y'all! Did another sketch portrait of one of our dtoid own, @MeeGhoulz!


Y'all are beautiful. I've been in a rut with my digital art trying to come up with things to illustrate but #selfietoid has inspired me to try my hand at you people! Here's our own @WesTacos. If anyone wants me to draw a bad caricature of them let me know


I drawed a picture of the keebler elf what u think


Divinity Fallen Heroes has been announced, supposed to be like Dragon Commander. I love Divinity!!


I watch Spawn Wave on YouTube every now and then and today a dtoid article by Chris Moyse makes a cameo appearance


Okay who’s the cutie pie that keeps featuring my comments?


Woo-hoo I won a match on Tetris 99!


I don’t have Wargroove but I do have this


I've been working on a Blender character tutorial and thought I'd share some of the work I've been doing with it. Eventually he will grow hair, be colored and have pants on, but thought I'd show the progress!


Awesome interview with Tom Dubois -- the artist who did a lot of the cover art for games in the 80s and 90s, often times having to rely on his own imagination when creating the art during the time when graphics were not complex enough to convey the detail


I’m late for work


Happy Birthday Wes Burritos! You're awesome!


Atom RPG came out of early access! Basically a Fallout 2 inspired CRPG, looks like a good time for anyone who’s a fan of that style of game! https://store.steampowered.com/app/552620/ATOM%20/ Plus it’s only $15


I work at a corporate office and we work in an agile environment with two week sprints. Today is the end of our sprint and to celebrate we're playing Mario Kart!


Something doesn't look right about my Steam Library


The Tetris DS Diaries: I'm too good. I can't lose. It might be days however before I reach Lv.999. I won't even attempt 999 million points though, that would be too much insanity


Conquered Tetris DS! Got 200 lines at the max drop level (lv.20). Now please bring Tetris Effect to Switch so I can master that as well!


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