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Happy Birthday Scruff and Chris! Hope you guys are having a great Sunday!


Happy Birthday, Sr Churros!


Lookin true to the source material. Ain't nothing wrong with this picture right here. Nothing at all


Y'all are here raving about Mario Odyssey but I can't wait to go home and play some more Deus Ex Human Revolution! I also got Mankind Divided and the original game. Mario Odyssey and the Switch will have to wait but I will get it soon!


The amount of times I tried to get on this site yesterday to see if it came back was alarming. I don't do drugs, I do dtoid


The UpvoteBotcalypse


Sometimes a soundtrack is unexpectedly marvelous #OSTatWork


I've been having a pretty great time with Deus Ex Human Revolution and now Mankind Divided is on sale on Steam as well. Do you guys recommend it? Moreover is the PC version good? Directors Cut on PC has a lot of stuttering issues


God help me I like that show iZombie


Activision's new micro transaction tool is sneaky, profiling the player based off of skill level, other factors. Example, P1 loves to snipe. The tool can match the player to expert snipers w/ better guns, encouraging player to buy weapons to step it up


Every now and then I discover a game or thing that I forgot I even had lying around in my house. Thrift store and yard sale purchases are to blame, but this time it's something that saves me from buying it later on Steam! 


No need to adjust your sound receiver, just enjoy the vibes


Every time I go to the gym I see this guy there that has the most punchable face. I don't know what it is, but I don't like his face. Maybe the adrenaline has got to me #workouttoid


#OSTatWork Oh my God this soundtrack. This makes me sad that I grew up with a Mac and missed out on a lot of amazing 90s PC games


Hey Mike Martin! Happy Birthday yo!


Cuphead running at its native resolution


Happy birthday Nathan D,EtosiTaK and Inquisitive Raven claw!! Hope your day has been going well!


#OSTatWork I have only played Suikoden V. I hear the second game is the best, but if anything Suikoden 1 has a better soundtrack.


How come no one told me Doom (2016) was this God damn exhilarating?!


I've been somewhat diligently working on making a turn-based RPG with Unity for the past couple weeks. I've started using blender to make a simple character, and I thought I'd show you guys! New to blender, but some tutorials have been helping me greatly!


I heard Dere's a birthday boy among us, but I wonder who..


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