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It's been awhile since I've seen someone bring out the coveted #Darksiders3


Ladies and Gentlemen, Rainbow Six Siege


This is what happens when you let @Dere design the successor to games like Hungry Hungry Hippos and Mousetrap


I’m ready for tomorrow!!!


Rest In Peace, sweet soul.


Playing SMT Dx2. It's fun, and it looks like Altus is kind of blending the aesthetic of Persona with standard SMT. I think this mobile game is a precursor of what will come in V. I lik d the serious nature of SMT, but I also dig how hip Persona has become


I’m not an elitist gamer but watching the F76 trailer I came across this comment that stuck out at me. I think this is the audience that Bethesda is catering to, which is fine but as a result we may only see watered down fallout games from now on.


Been playing RAGE. It's a good game with fun gunplay and interesting characters but nothing about its world is particularly memorable. It makes me intrigued for the sequel though mostly from a standpoint of how they will improve th core gameplay


Fallout 2 Diaries: about 40 hours in, got myself a sweet ride - at the risk of turning the games into Farcry, they should consider re-introducing usable cars back into the Fallout universe. Build and customize your own car and ride off into the apocalypse


It's time to play that game again! Flea Market finds! 15 bucks total! This week was a bit lukewarm but JSRF/Sega GT for $3.75? I don't even have an Xbox but yes please!


Amy in Sonic Mania Plus?!


How many damn flavors of oreos exists?!


After a year of owning a copy of the Complete Edition and listening to three of the audiobooks for the original novels, I decided to finally start the Witcher 3. I'm a good hour in, looks promising but here's hoping I love it


Just beat World of Final Fantasy, and oh god these ending credits. Please make it stop


Got a disc copy of Bioshock 1 from a thrift store (Games for Windows Live retail disc) for $1. Tried to install it but couldn't register the serial key. Contacted 2K, sent a pic to prove I owned the disc and they gave me a Steam key for the HD version!


Thrift Store Haul, Command and Conquer edition! Crazy good haul of some classic PC rts games and a few other goodies for 13 bucks total! Sucks you can't get these Westwood games on Steam or GOG (AFAIK) but I'm happy to have them as a part of my collection


I saw someone posted about this game not too long ago, checking out the soundtrack and man is it awesome. It's got this vibe like something out of a Shin Megami Tensei game! #OSTatWork


Fallout 1 done. Compelling story and characters, holds up very well for 1997, and surprisingly very addictive the entire way through. Gives me a new found appreciation for CRPGs, and now I'm 6 hours into Fallout 2 and it's just as addictive!


Happy Birthday Dangus! Love hearing about your ongoing quest to diminish your backlog and you're a Dragon Quest fan so you're good in my book!


Really awesome video about turning a Gamecube into a Switch dock, with working controller ports and power light! I would love to do this as I have a broken Gamecube collecting dust


Working from home today. I kind of need a vacation, I just want a little time to relax. Weekends are good but I think we all need extended relax time every now and then


Mankind Divided completed! On hard difficulty, and I got the pacifist and no alarms achievement! Great game, however I still think that Human Revolution is the better game. Here's hoping for a 3rd! Slowly I'm winding down my backlog!


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