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"There Will Be Boring Blood" is quite boring.

What a bunch of faggots that watch movies these days. I've seen so many movies in my life, but there hasn't been one that I needed to take a break and have a smoke (I don't even smoke) because a movie is so agonizing and flat out boring. Th...


Gears of War: Direct X 10 test.

Gears of War on PC looks amazing and DX10 is a real treat for the eyes. However, the game suffers from being a poorly developed port, and you can't really enjoy the game with all the stuttering. Funny, the stuttering only happens on high en...


Audiosurf: Best thing since Peggle.

I used to laugh at casual gamers. Casual gamers always reminded me of my granny and her endless casino games or those customers that called when I worked at Dell and would say, "Yes, I play games, so I just need a very basic crap system for...


10 Quick Ways to Increase Your Blog Hits

Hello all my friends. Today I'm here to discuss how to increase hits to your blog. It's fairly easy. Sadly, it usually only works on sites like Digg or Destructoid, so don't run around thinking this works with the entire internets. Destru...


HD-DVD Officially dead. Long live the PS3!

Just wanted to post this: http://news.filefront.com/not-a-rumor-hd-dvd-is-officially-dead/ Oh, and try Da Bomb hot sauce if you can find it. Incredible. It's bound to make your heart hurt and your guts vomit whatever you just ate. Great fo...


Fallout: Best Game Ever?

I'm just writing to ask this simple question. Nothing more, nothing less. Is Fallout the best game ever? I'm sure it's short (I've yet to beat it because I was in the middle of playing the heat of Crysis and Rock Band for the months after i...


Vista SP1 Impressions

[insert generic font funny picture of Vista here] I just got my copy of SP1 (service pack 1 for the "huh what?"s of the world) for Windows Vista. Folks, it's time to upgrade. My test program was Crysis, running at Very High on everything...


Xbox Lives Pwnds PSN (Unsolved Mysteries)

I've never seen anyone answer this but maybe one of you can without saying something unrelated to the topic at hand. How is the Xbox Live worth $6/$7 a month while the PSN is cheaper? I don't hate Xbox Live at all. Well, aside from the pric...


Demonoid Update (Slightly Offensive Edition)

It's still down. Why does Canada have to take away the ark of good things? I think I like Trent R.'s little thing on torrent sites (not this one, in fact, but a completely different one). "...it's the greatest record store on Earth.". Abou...


This Just In! 'Portal's cake joke is old.'

I laughed out loud reading the comments from a fellow gamer in PC Gamer for Feb 2008. It went something like "Nerds ruin everything." and it's true. Portal is a good game but it's way overdone now. I guess when you have nothing to do all da...


Super Smash Bros. Prediction! (Rumor Edition)

This is going to be short. I just woke up dreaming about Smash Bros. and the hidden character that Nintendo hasn't released yet is none other than you. Or your Mii. Whichever one you pick. Remember where you heard this... -dryvby


World of Warcraft: World of Idiots is more like it.

Face it, World of Wacraft has the lamest nerds on the face of the earth playing it. I actually end up hating people when I talk to one of these people. Who seriously sits around reading the EULA all day like these low lifes? Anyway, read th...


10 Games of 2008

There's a ton of awesomeness coming out of the creator's heads this upcoming year. Heck, for some of ya that read this late, this year will be of accuracy. But what games do we really want to get? There's always too many choices every year....


2007 Stupid Post Award

I was doing some minor research on Google for a possible way to rock on Guitar Hero 3 with the new guitar (if any way) since that's the only way TWBMike (or Murmaduke to some) can play. He hates the older guitars. That's when I just happene...


Nintendo: Who Cares About Giving?

It didn't take long for me to find something to write about. Nintendo is talking about the Wii Gift service. It's another rip-off service in which I can waste $5 on a boring game such as Mario Bros. (not Super Mario Bros.) and send it to a ...


EA is the new Pac-man. Yum, yum, eat 'em up.

This story relates to EA buying BioWare/Pandemic. Electronic Arts is probably my idea of the anti-Christ of the video game world. See, the anti-Christ is going to be a guy that everyone likes, but is ultimately a bad deal for the whole hu...


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