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Let's Discuss....

When some higher power implanted in me the idea that I should blog, I had all sorts of crazy things I wanted to do. I wrote things, did things, drew things, randomized things, and then I started doing interviews (It's almost been half a ye...


No Interview Today....Sorry.

So as of this moment I don't have an interview, but this is of no fault of mine. I sent out two. One to a great Canadian man and another to a Shark. Neither have replied to me, but if they are either busy or wanting more time than I am A-...


Everybody Gets a Sleep Deprivation Blog

Everybody does a drunk blog...I don't drink....much..... The chances of me doing a drunk blog are pretty slime...slim, but I will attempt this Sleep Deprivation Blog. It's some time early in the AM's and I can't seem to fall asleet.....as...


C-Blog Interviews: I feel happy?

So I don't have an interview today.....You'll have to expect these absences to be more prominent this time around. I didn't really want to post anything until Friday (Where I have an interview for you guys) but I thought to myself I should...


R.I.P. Middle Penguin

So some of you may have noticed that I recently lost a penguin....it was a sad day. Some time after their amazing time at PAX, they came home to find that some careless bastards left some automatic weapons lying around.....those fools. ...


Where the Hell Am I ?

Current State of Mind: Is empty a state of mind? At least I'm inquisitive. Let's see...groggy....sleepy....fingers not working like they should...not drunk...a little disoriented....where the hell am I? Current Expression: Class has sta...


The First Time is Always the Scariest

Under the covers, sweaty palms, the escalating heartbeat, the oh. so. quiet. noises made as that sinking feeling runs up your spine. Uncertainty, curiosity, trepidation, it feels good doesn't it? The eyes that penetrate through the darkness...


Teh Bias: No Other Option

I will like to start out by saying that the only console I own is a Wii. I was told at the beginning of the generation that I had one choice and one choice only to last until the beginning of the next gen. I made my decision and I stick by ...


Still in Korea, wish you were here

Oh there you are. Anyways, I'm still in Korea and during vacations, I make it a practice to not check emails and stuff (I rarely have emails or stuff anyways) to strand myself in the moment....also, due to some security issues, I was wary ...


Alternate Reality: My vacation log...

Hello everyone. Now, I know many people know that I'll be leaving for Korea in a week. Well...plans changed. Sadly, the trip was too expensive during this time of year, so I had to change vacation destinations. Luckily, my friend gave me...


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Here's my interview with community manager Andrew Kauz

Been a while. Now I write about games and anime over at Twinfinite I swear we're good people.


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