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What did the bra say to the hat? “You go on a head, I’ll give these two a lift.”... best joke I've heard all day. I don't care if that makes me seem childish.


Alright...I know you're in here somewhere dumbass


I don't know what this is....or how to feel about it. what the hell is this?


why a bald guy should never be on front page. pic in comments. you have been warned


this is overdue


whatever happened to frank. would've liked to hear his theory on the big bang.


I never finished drill dozer, i remember quitting because of an impossibly hard level... i keep telling myself it probably wasn't that hard and that I was just too young at the time. Still can't get myself to pick it up


I still have no answer for this question a kid asked. "why is it called a building if it's already built?" image unrelated


hazaa....my first blog, let's talk art

Are videogames art? In a hundred years will megaman be remembered as one of humanity's greatest achievement or will it be brushed off as an electronic toy? will pizza ever get delivered in a round box? who knows. All I know is there's ...


currently playing Diehard:vendetta, first impressions- it's a Max Payne clone with the John McClane charm.


Muahahaha.... I'm in the mood for a game where I'm the bad guy... and I mean really evil, despicable, monstrous... any suggestions?


logitech is partnering up with tencent to make a cloud based gaming console. a handheld game streaming platform. Is this the stupidest thing you've heard all day? your answer options are 'yes' or 'yes'


i was just thinkin "discs are obsolete tech,they now make sdcards that hold more than 1TB. ps5 and xbox sx/s should've dumped the disc drive for a cart reader(i.e. use carts ala the switch)" then I remembered backward compatibility and cost.. I'm a moron


since some folks are hyped up for xenoblade chronicles 3, I thought I'd ask.. what's your favorite gaming trilogy. I'd have to go with the first three God of War games... Just kept getting better and better in my opinion


finally scrubbed hitman:blood money off my backlog.. noice


Remebering the time my mom gave away my gba while i was in the middle of zelda:minish cap. I always taught I'll pickup a copy and finish the game but I never did.


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