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The Surge review is gonna happen. Yes, I'm that crazy. Also...anybody remember Brink?


I have not disappeared! I've just been busy!


Regarding the post about my birthday, I want to thank everyone for the kind words and wishes. You guys are amazing <3 I wanted to post earlier but got swatted with work. Regardless, thank you!


The time has come. Today...is my birthday.


Maybe I'll give The Surge another try. Maybe. Also the music is killer.


The steam winter sale is going to end today, peeps. If you still want that one special game, now is your time to get it.


"If you are unable to submit tickets, please submit a ticket." Never change corporate culture, never change.


Got back home today. Work starts on a Tuesday for me so I'll probs game and work on the next thing. I feel like I managed to relax as evident in my weight gain. Slow cooked pork and potatoes with a glass of whiskey is just *italian chef hand gesture*


Neo Scavenger Review – Take him to Detroit.

You awaken in an unknown location, rising from your cryopod with the grace of a corpse. You have no recollection of who you are, the only indicator of any past is the patient wristband around your left hand and the peculiar talisman a...


I got some issues posting my blog. First, it said it was because I'm a bot and second time I tried it says its a Error 502. Any help?


Looks like we're starting 2022 with a new review. Neo Scavenger with the Extended mod. I was going to post it next week but might as well start the new year strong.


We are currently in 2022 in my corner of the world. Don't know what the year has in store for me, but there's one easy way to find out am I right? Happy New Year everyone. May it be better than the last.


Work has been slowing down and everyone at home is chilling. Besides gaming with the cousins I've managed to cram some writing for my reviews. Was going to talk next about Dark Messiah or SS enhanced edition but both games are borked.


Was going to play System Shock Enhanced Edition for the first time and maybe make a review for the upcoming weeks. Turns out the game is currently borked. Small PSA people. Always read discussions before purchasing.


My review of Wasteland 3 is up peeps, right in the community blogs section. With that out of the way, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Finished Wasteland 3. Time to wrap up my thoughts.


I got the feeling my wallet's going to be gutted soon. Sale cough big sale cough. I shalt be at the mercy of the discount.


Playing Metro 2033 Redux Ranger mode. Good graphics. Good atmosphere. Immersive gameplay. Interesting story. Underdeveloped and borderline unfair stealth sections. The jank provides the dish with a healthy dose of salt and heat.


I did mention I was going to make a blog about my plan regarding upcoming games but I think I'm gonna scrap that and just post the reviews. Won't be a classic but a sequel to a classic. Wasteland 3. My white whale right now.


Quick question. Is it okay to post blogs about classic/old PC games or enhanced editions?


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