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Besides it’s awful over-reliance on throwing multiple Frostclaws at you as a boss fight, I’m really liking The Frozen Wilds.


How do you like my Mandalorian Black Pepper Grinder? 😏


Have to gush a bit more. The snow deformation in this game is bonkers good. The aftermath of a mountain top battle.


Bit late to the party, I know, but man, The Frozen Wilds look stunning.


2020 is finally coming to an end. Here's which games I have played (p) and finished (f) this year and some very blunt opinions about them. Happy New Year folks!


Star Wars Squadrons in VR is amazing(ly nauseating) 😂👌🏻


Replaying HZD in High Res, Ultrawide and high frame rate. It’s a different game.


That's DOOM: Eternal battered, beaten and broken. Saving impressions for the year roundup.


How anyone gave this game a 9/10 is beyond me (Cyberpunk 2077 clip in comments)


We doing GOTYs? Looked at my list and it’s probably Nioh 2 for me. For reference I have only played DOOM Eternal of the conventional picks and I like it a lot but I liked Nioh 2 more.


Did y'all hear about that new Xbox Exclusive? Everyone's talking about it! Has Keanu Reeves in it even, it's a big deal I think :---------)


Ok hear me out here. XCOM... but it’s Star Wars.


Am I the only one who thinks The Mandalorian plot is very much like a video game plot?


Here's my Perfect Dark pitch: Focused story with mission structure. Good mobility options (Mirror's Edge lite). Interactive/destructible environments (to create alternate paths in levels). Alternative ways to complete missions.


Today marks 3.115 days since Cyberpunk 2077 was announced. That is all.


Man, DOOM: Eternal is certainly 2016 on steroids (that are on fire). It's relentlessly exhasting to play. I don't think I've ever played a game that I need to take breaks from haha.




Decided to replay the DOOM level I got softlocked in and continue with the game. Finally at the next mission. Onward we rip.


Finally caught up with the future and got myself wireless headphones. Feelsgood.


Ugh, just got softlocked in DOOM: Eternal. I'm liking the game fine but this I have so little patience for...


So apparently Dragon’s Dogma 2 leaked in that Capcom ransomware attack... I’m simultaneously overjoyed and sad, because these leaks are not a fun way to get game ”announcements” :(


So far DOOM: Eternal is pretty good. I like the environments, although I prefered the less ”gamey” feel of 2016 tbh. The platforming is not bad but it doesn’t add anything of value. Haven’t noticed the ”ammo issue” though. Just beat the first


So I've finally started the contentious DOOM: Eternal. This is gonna be really interesting! Played a bit of the first level and so far so good. The glory kills are amazing.


I have one code each (PC) for CoD: Black Ops - Cold War and Farcry 6 to give away. Only caveat is it will come with an account (with only the game) as it’s the only way to give it away. Any takers? :)


My 5900X arrives today! New build can finally be complete! :D


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