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Well let's try that again. Just in case it doesn't work again, video also in the comments. Thank me later.


You're welcome lol.


2 truths, 1 lie (Nordic Edition): 1) I've been run down and bitten by a bear. 2) I've been frozen under ice while I slept and had to dig myself out in the morning. 3) I befriended a fox once. Take a guess!


That's SotC done. Although the last colossus was a bit bs it was very enjoyable overall. Glad to have finally finished this clunky classic!


8 colossi down! So far I think my favourites has been #7 and #8 :)


So, Shadow of the Colossus remake is absolutely gorgeous but the menus are quite possibly the worst piece of shit UI I've ever seen in my entire life. Black text on light grey background with white shadows!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me here????????


Is it absolutely necessary to keep the shitty camera responsiveness and bow controls in SotC for the nostalgia to be preserved lol? Also, everytime I engange a colossus I get a prompt that the PS4 can't find my license and game will be suspended in 15 min


Finally time for Shadow of the Colossus!


Was looking forward to playing Shadow of the Colossus with the gf tonight but apparently it's not out until tomorrow here, because ofc it's not. Fuck sake...


Why is the new Star Wars movie named Solo? Because the box office is going to be so low! Not really I guess, but damn that trailer sucked donkey dicks.


So we're finally getting a trailer for Solo. Feeling somewhat apprehensive about the whole deal.


How can you not love Obsidian?


Omg, Pillars 2 is out April 3rd, same day I start my second internship. So soon, so poor timing 😂 But still, almost here! Hype!


The feeling when you blink up to a Broodmother and one shot them with Echo Slam


Ugh, I had too much to drink. Why Lokhe, why do you do this to yourself.... fml


"Nintendo plans to offer replacement cardboard kits and templates for players who break theirs,..." Source:


Worst/Best thing about Nintendo Labo. Torch can finally become a gundam.


Y'all haters. Labo is awesome. It's not for us obviously, but it's just so wonderfully creative and innocent. I love Nintendo for daring to be themselves.


Yep, that's a Nintendo announcement alright... What in the woooooooorld!


Where does one watch this Nintendo announcement? On the Switch?


Told fiancée she'll get the sausage tomorrow. She responded with "rawr". I don't think she understood I meant her lunch box...


This guy is the most YouTube YouTuber I've ever seen in my life, holy shit. Yes bro, I will definitely be turning on the NOT-ification -.-


Really entertaining and fast run of Baldur's Gate II EE, quite a funny runner.


So, you people that actually enjoy the new Fire Emblem games, do they usually come with some sort of hard mode at least?


Someone claimed on twitter that HZD is playable at 60fps, that can't be true?


About lokheone of us since 11:59 AM on 01.18.2010

Hail from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been gaming for as long as I can remember, on the Game Boy initially. My first game was called Jelly Boy, it was awesome (it was probably not awesome).

Raised on Blizzard and Nintendo games, later GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and Halo. Zelda games and the Metal Gear Solid series holds a special place in my heart.

Used to play a load of shareware games that came with random magazines when I was a kid. On my mighty powerful PC with all of 66Mhz and 580MB HDD space. Mind blown, I know!

Gems such as Tubular Worlds, Elf Bowling and Micro Man I remember fondly. I must have also sunk hundreds of hours into the Duke Nuke'em 3D Demo.

My late teen years were utterly consumed by World of Warcraft, probably the best time of my gaming life. I know many people don't feel the same way but the things I've done and people I've met I treasure dearly.

These days I praise the sun and pray at the altar of Miyazaki Hidetaka. A few years ago I would've said that Ocarina of Time was my favourite game ever made. Today, Dark Souls holds that spot but I think it is just the grown up version of Zelda really.

When I'm not gaming I'm in the dojo, honing my skills. Martial arts have always been important to me and I could not go without the balance it brings to my life.

I've been coming to Destructoid since I moved away from home in 2009 and never thought of leaving. This place is home <3