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Watched the inaccurately titled GoT premiere. Theory in the comments.


Medellin is an incredibly interesting place, today has blown my mind.


Why is it when you fap some QPs it faps twice? It depresses me when I can't fap to 69 because it increases strictly by even numbers :(


Today, Game of Thrones. Tomorrow, Destiny 2 Beta. But I'm on vacation... curses!


Forgot to post this before but the Switch is indeed pretty nice to have on an airplane :)


Has anyone here played Oceanhorn? Looks heavily Wind Waker inspired and pretty good. Surprised I've never heard of it :0


Going to a different continent has its perks... but you will probably also eat something weird and puke your guts out. You win this round Colombia!


Colombia has DX11 graphics.


There is so much amazing, fresh fruit here. I love it!


Finally arrived in Colombia. Haven't slept much. It's 4 in the morning and 11°C :s Waiting for the last connecting flight. #Darksiders2


Coming over to London for an hour tonight to laugh at crumpets have a jolly good time.


Motherfuckers... -_-


Going on a really long trip tomorrow. Currently trying to figure out if I've packed everything.


I found a book about sandwiches you guys!


Wait, do you have to buy the expansion pass for Zelda? You can't just buy DLC 1?


Seems legit :p


Did ya'll see that BG&E2 footage? :)


Playing through Hyper Light Drifter a third time, this time with the Alt Drifter. I wonder if they're gonna make a sequel or spiritual successor. It's a damn fine game.


Dat math doe Steam.


Got another vaccine today. Starting to dawn on me that we're going halfway around the world soon!


Had no idea Obsidian were at E3. Can't wait for Pillars 2!


I had to fast forward past the Need For Speed guy because it just hurts too much, but otherwise a pretty good watch. Bonus Scoville and Carnage.


Everyone seems to be really excited about the T-rex in Mario and here I am thinking it's literally the least exciting thing about the game :o




The Switch trailer for Skyrim clearly shows the game running at 60fps, sup with that? Is that something they talked about?


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Hail from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been gaming for as long as I can remember, on the Game Boy initially. My first game was called Jelly Boy, it was awesome (it was probably not awesome).

Raised on Blizzard and Nintendo games, later GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and Halo. Zelda games and the Metal Gear Solid series holds a special place in my heart.

Used to play a load of shareware games that came with random magazines when I was a kid. On my mighty powerful PC with all of 66Mhz and 580MB HDD space. Mind blown, I know!

Gems such as Tubular Worlds, Elf Bowling and Micro Man I remember fondly. I must have also sunk hundreds of hours into the Duke Nuke'em 3D Demo.

My late teen years were utterly consumed by World of Warcraft, probably the best time of my gaming life. I know many people don't feel the same way but the things I've done and people I've met I treasure dearly.

These days I praise the sun and pray at the altar of Miyazaki Hidetaka. A few years ago I would've said that Ocarina of Time was my favourite game ever made. Today, Dark Souls holds that spot but I think it is just the grown up version of Zelda really.

When I'm not gaming I'm in the dojo, honing my skills. Martial arts have always been important to me and I could not go without the balance it brings to my life.

I've been coming to Destructoid since I moved away from home in 2009 and never thought of leaving. This place is home <3