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So, apparently Silent Hill is located in Sweden 😅


Is it Christmas? xD




Welp, it was nice knowing you guys. Bye!


Aww yea baby!


Oh, it's Gamescom? Neat.


Had one of the craziest trip ever due to a massive fire that caused train traffic through a major node to be completely cancelled. Finally home 30 hours later :p Time to fuck up some aliens I think! 😎


I know most of you are simply DYING *snort* to find out when the Aliens will finally be defeated. Alas I will be gone for a while on Operation Vacay so you will have to live for a while yet!


Good morning Destructoid! Another day, another alien invasion to get killed by :D


The stabbing has begun anew...


Decided to change the operation names to make this more fun but changing the .int file doesn't seem to be working as it should. Anyone have experience with this? :s


Man, this run was going pretty well, until Churros panicked and mowed Gaj down with his LMG :( At least Hypno somewhat salvaged the situation and sniped the thin man in his tracks.


Welp, game decided to bring down hlarge4 via an illegal flank. Goemar held off the first two Sectoids but ran out of ammo. Gus rushed forward to take out the last one but fell to overwatch. Slimybear's luck finally ran out and so did his life. RIP


Holy fucking hell. A situation I had under complete control somehow spiraled way out of control. If it hadn't (AGAIN!) been for Slimybear and landing a 20% hit, Limo would be 6ft under. As it stands, he'll get off with 18 days in the sick bay this time...


Well, we're making some progress. Slimybear is a god damn hero, who not only landed an absolutely critical 15% kill but also weathered a storm of plasma bolts, took two hits but refused to die. Limo cleaned up with the rocket and Goemar is a Corporal.


Well this is awkward. Since it's hard to tell what cover you can blow up, ShadeOfLight ate a plasma shot but survived with 1 hp. He panicked but returned fire, point blank. Electric Reaper also panicked though and... shot Shade in the back of the head :x


Well boys and girls, the aliens are here! The first mission started out disastrously with being cornered and outgunned. Somehow we turned it around though and if Dango hadn't been such a lousy shot, Khalid wouldn't have died from THE LAST FUCKING SHOT...


So it was bugging me that XCOM is the second game in a short while I've played where Swedish characters have Norwegian names. Digging through the files to add all of your names I noticed there's not even a list for Sweden, it's just using Norway's list xD


CelicaCrazed gave me a brilliant idea. The aliens have invaded Earth and I need soldiers to join the ranks and help me beat the filthy bastards back! (I want to use you guys as soldiers in XCOM). Please supply your nationality to register!


Oh XCOM, you cruel mistress! I have a Heavy lined up to take out 7 Sectoids with one rocket and you get the 5.25% one-shot kill on him? You win this time you bastard...


Is it just me or is XCOM 2... a bit too good looking for its own good? Really having trouble seeing what's going on most of the time :0


That's Enemy Within done. Run nearly ended when my entire squad -save my sniper- got wiped out by Chryssalids on a whaling ship. Somehow, though, Col. Adam "Nightmare" Daly (fitting name he got) managed to carry the rookies to victory. God damn hero.


Watched Arlo's first impressions of FE and everything he gushed about was something I just hate about the game but then he went to town on how abysmally ugly the game looks and I don't feel so crazy anymore.


The MECs are quite fun but as suspected also pretty OP. Don't really care though because punching a Muton into a truck with such force they explode is... quite satisfying :p


Don't you love it when games change the rules sometimes? Since when does throwing a Battle Scanner trigger the pods you reveal? On top of that my Heavy gets one-shot in full cover with smoke from low ground... Thanks game...


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