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Finished A Way Out. Turns out there was more to the game than we first thought. Worth a play in the end I guess. Far from perfect and not really very original, but still liked the experience. Yeah...


Gf and I have been playing A Way Out. It's charming I guess, and the split screen thing is novel but I feel like they don't utilize it nearly enough. Writing is pretty poor and delivery even more so. Especially supporting cast. Still a fun romp I guess.


It’s Mike’s birthday? Hope he falls down a flight of stairs <3


Today is National Cinnamon Bun Day. Therefore this exists... It was actually better than expected.


Watched some video review of AC: Odyssey yeaterday. Combat looks like something you’d find in the backwaters of Kickstarter. This got a 9/10? Is it just me? Do people not care about this part of games when they look pretty enough?


Watched that Batman Ninja movie finally. I liked the animation and the premise but the mecha stuff sorta ruined it I think. It just got way too silly.


Ok, turning the connection restriction to ”Any” has netted me a couple of mostly lag free games. Got my ass handed to me by Nightmare but crushed Tira and Talim. Fun times.


Wow, people are really getting creative with this Bowsette thing. Link in comments.


Officially past the 80 hours mark in DQ XI. I think I also beat a boss on the first try for the first time too.


All my life I thought it was called Looney Toons. What a weird feeling to learn I’d beenwrong all this time...


Holy balls, this game never ends O%20


Damn. Really wanted to finish this game but I guess I just have to stop playing now :/


You know what one of the best things about DQ XI is? So far I've not seen a single piece of clothing or armor and weapon clipping through each other. These things matter!


Wow, and here I thought I was nearing the end, haha.


Question below for those of you who have gotten far in DQ XI.


Think I'm closing in on the end of DQ XI finally. I say finally because it's been a long road, not because I'm tired of it. Just unlocked a skill that has massive combo potential and it's fun as fuck, basically two shot a boss with it. Fun times.


The punishment for wiping in DQ XI if you reload a save (not autosave) is that you lose half your gold. I just reached a point before a boss where you can save but quitting to main menu and reloading said save creates an autosave :p Silly game.


Well, that was kinda boring :p Didn't expect much ofc.


They just had to go and put random encounters somewhere in the game, didn't they. Pissing me the fuck off, jesuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!


I just realized the irony of the fact that DQ XI only has in-game button prompts for an Xbox controller and not a DS4, or at the very least an option.


Anyone else playing with the Draconian Quests? Haven't tried the game without them but it feels like they make grinding a lot more necessary. Still though, there's something satisfying about finally beating a hard boss.


Ended up getting DQ XI. It's super chill.


Well now. Seems the original Valkyria Chronicles is getting a digital release on Switch on Oct 16. That is a very tempting offer.


Never played Valkyria Chronicles but the recent buzz has made me intrigued (I do like a good tactical RPG). What's the deal here with VC4, would it make sense to play 1 and then go straight to 4?


The strange desire to play DQ XI persists. When is it coming to Switch? Anyone know?


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