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So, the 14 day free trial for Game Pass I got with my new controller was already redeemed. That’s kind of a pooper :/


Gf got me this for my bday :D


Um... YouTube recommended algorithm, do you know something I don’t? 😂


Holy cow the second Jurassic World movie is a pile of dino poop.


Just had a cool realisation. The much faster data streaming on the new consoles should mean that doing things like inventory and maps in games should be a much faster and smoother experience. So that's nice.


By happenstance I discovered that Samsung Smart TVs now come with Steam Link capabilities. Indeed, I could stream games from my PC to the TV, problem is, the artifacting is horrible. Anyone know how heavy it is compared to like 4k YouTube?


Fired up some Metal Gear Rising on a whim but I must have played this game to death a couple of years ago because even though I cranked it up to the hardest difficulty I found it way too easy :0 Fun little nostalgia trip though!


It's cute that Steam Spring Cleaning thinks Dota 2 is in my "backlog" :p


Unpopular opinion: Always thought Witcher 3 was an ugly game, even when it came out 5 years ago.


Hopefully the rest of this year will pass as fast as the first half cus god damn I can't wait to build my new PC :s


What do you guys think, was it time for a clean or what haha.


This week in gaming has been way more exciting than I was prepared for tbh.


Wasn’t enjoying AC: Origins much but I turned off the HUD entirely and now it’s a completely new game. Just wish the HUD had greater customisability. No HUD at all is problematic for other reasons.


Ghost of Tsushima looked better than expected but I have to nitpick. Why in the world do enemies go flying when you hit them with arrows? Seriously hurt the immersion for me since everything else was so stylish :/


Oooo weee. Have you guys seen this puppy? 😍


So the RTX 3000 series of cards were NOT revealed today but hey, guess I get to live a little longer without crying over what one is going to cost me :p


People like this exist... it’s fascinating.


Went on Twitter to look at some #UnrealEngine5 and oh boy, the console war is alive and kicking I see xD Xbox fans are all "this will be even better on Xbox" and PS fans are like "nu-uh, cus someone said the PS5 is more powerful". Yikes.


Since I'm planning to build a new rig later this year I've jumped into the deep end of where we're at right now in terms of tech (been largely ignorant for the past 3 years) and boy oh boy did I get swept away by the torrent. This year is gonna be juicy.


Question for Assassin's Creed fans. How much, if at all, did the combat improve from Origins to Odyssey? Trying to extrapolate where we'll end up with Valhalla cus Origins is... well, oof.


Fuck sake Ubisoft. ”In engine” is not the same fucking thing as GAMEPLAY. Uuuuuuughhh!


Pretty hyped for the Sexbox stream today. Anyone else?


Haha, the Cyberpunk 2077 character creation sounds interesting. I'm imagining they're gonna give your privates all the sliders that your face has, so once you're done adjusting the length and girth, you can give your lil' pepe some smokey eye and a mole.


Can we just talk for a second about how fucking amazing the music was in the last Clone Wars episodes? Chills man...


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