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Shouldn't games that release after the game awards show in any given year, technically be eligible for nomination the following year?


OMG! Pillars of Eternity 2 beta just went live :D


Just realized new articles on the front page can appear BEFORE articles that have already popped up on there. No wonder I sometimes miss things on there, because I scroll down until I see something I've already read and assume there's nothing more unde


Disney sure know how to tease us. Last Jedi is one month out and they release a super cliffhanger-y mid-season finale for Rebels and the next episode is out in January. WAIIIII!


In a post-metoo world it's nice to see it's not all bad.


While I have access to the vault, I took the chance to try Furi out. Got past the first two fights on the first try but it was close both times. Not at all a fan of the world though. Wtf is even going on, why do I care about anything? Meh.


Played the early access bit of Battlefront II campaign, it was a lot of fun. There is absolutely nothing special about it mechanically though. If it wasn't a Star Wars game it would be really dull. In other words, in line with expectations.


Have stomach cramps, sleep barely anything - wake up well rested and work 10.5h without problems VS full 8+ hours of good sleep - wake up wrecked and half sleep through 5.5h of work. WTF BODY!?


I think, games libraries not accounted for, the Switch is my favourite console of all time. I've never used my PS4 to watch a blu-ray movie, so the only thing I really miss on the Switch right now is a browser and Netflix. The UI is so nice too.


Motion for Demetria Obilor to become the official Dtoid patron saint of #ThiccThursday. Anyone against?


I did something uncharacteristic of myself. I downloaded a demo for a JRPG. Project Popcornmath Ravioli does its absolute best from the first second to absolutely not grab your attention. Holy shit the opening is so bland it hurts my brain.


Huh. Odyssey actually has 5 save files per profile. Never noticed before.


I don't 100% games but I really felt like it with Odyssey. What a fantastic game. Surprising until the very last moment :)


Got like 90%+ completion in Odyssey now. What a treat :)


So, which is everyone's favourite kingdom?


Since when was Mario this challenging!? Nice!


This is hilarious.


TFW it's 4pm and you're about to do a long jump out of work to go home and play more Odyssey, only to realize you didn't turn your wrist watch back and finding out it's actually 3pm...


I love Mario's moveset and abilities. Cappy is such a great addition! Can't wait to see the speedrunning community absolutely go nuts with this game.


Am I the only one who thinks [very early game SMO spoiler in comments]


Odyssey has some great music tbh. Jamming out in the couch here!


Um, you guys? Didn't know this was rated M :p



Is Mario really out in two days? Holy crap. Can't wait!


Me: Go out for dinner and drinks with work? Think I'll stay home and rest... Them: Dinner and bar tab is on us. Me:


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These days I praise the sun and pray at the altar of Miyazaki Hidetaka. A few years ago I would've said that Ocarina of Time was my favourite game ever made. Today, Dark Souls holds that spot but I think it is just the grown up version of Zelda really.

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