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Don't give a shit about No Man Sky when it came out or now still just looks like a boring grind to me but tried a bit of The Last Campfire lately and its actualy a lovely little game. The narrator's voice acting that happens in the game is a really good.


I don't give a shit about this game mostly but hey they got Steve Blum to voiceover the trailer. Random seeming person to pick to do that but thats still kinda nice


Huh thought they would say new news for a Nintendo Direct,release date of 3/25 too and co-op. Looks pretty fun


Golden Light sure is a meaty game in more ways then one...and a eyebally one.I tried a little and its pretty neat with some cool game mechanics but it looks likes its large focus on RNG holds it back.You can get it + Dead Estate for €9.24 on humble bund


Double post but also saw now La Mulana 2 is getting DLC that isn't our yet ans was similarly announced around 8 months ago it seems. Seems to be a new map and focuses on being extremely diffcult.


Huh never saw this but around 8 months ago seems the people behind Celeste teased their next game. Not really anything to go off(the video is just a piece of art a title and some very nice music) still looking foward to whatever it turns out to be.


What were some of your least favourite gaming characters of 2021? I guess its pretty likely this would be for games you still liked. For me its got to be speficaly your waifu of 2021 she just sucks such an annoying character don't get why you like her


Saw this game a while ago and looked kinda neat and its on gamepass. Seema to be basicaly a lot like Enter The Gungeon but as a singleplayer zelda like adventure game not a rogue lite which sounds neat to me.


Thats the main game Outer Wilds done.Still a little bit of extra mysteries left to clear but not much.I do have a good amount of issues with the game but overall 8.5/10 such a geniue sense of exploring discovery and the unknown not a space guy but it fun


Dead Estate is in a bundle now on Humble Bundle for €9.24 no idea if the other games in it are good. Seymour said he enjoyed the game in his blog of indie games he played. He said it has a big boob goth witch shopkeeper and playable character too


You know as somebody who liked Metro Exodous but would rank it at the bottom of the Metro series he does make some pretty good points. I do agree the focus on distinct places made the game more memorable,problem is for me its only the linear parts I remem


Huh didn't know ProZD voices a character in the english dub of Lost Judgment and Yakuza Like A Dragon and the last dlc fighter of Souk Calibur. I know he did one of the clasa characters before in Borderlands 3. Still that's pretty cool to see.


Oddly enough OuterWilds today seemed to join Xbox Gamepass PC again or maybe it was always just on Xbox consoles only before. Although I couls have sworn it left Gamepass a while ago.


Hmmmm Zelda like Golf game and you at parts use your golf club to also attack enemies and play golf. Well it had my intrest at least. Wonder how Cursed to Golf the 2D rogue lite game ia doing.


Played a good bit of Outer Wilds now. Was expecting to not like it much but really like. The sense of dicovery and exploring is amazing. Love the jetpack and camera launcher tool. Kinda iffy on the whole 20 minute limit though. Otherwise really good tho


Hey that's a great deal for Everhood,Before your Eyes and another game for €10.59(it says € not $ don't @ me). Everhood has pretty underwhelming writting but the gameplay battles are pretty fun. Some pretty nice music too. Deal ia bundle on Fanatical


Oh sweet Gamepass has Gorgoa,Olija and The Pedestrain and Lodoss that cool looking metroidvania now. Was intrested in all those games but not enough to buy them. Prime free games seem kinda good. Humble bundle was pretty awful this month imo.


Somebody here mentioned wanting to know more metrodivania 2021 games so here is my list of cool looking ones Pronty-set fully underwater, Astlaton tears of earth- control 3 people,Greak- control 2 people, Blue Fire 3D- and kinda vania,more games in comme


Never heard of this game before but looms neat,came out this year. I like the idea of a indie game using a text based adventure for at least part of it. Game is called Buddy Simulator 1984


Finished Caedence of Hyrule main game there, this was much much better then Links Awakening. Had a good amount of things would have liked to seen been done better but overall a really fun game super impressed by it 8/10. Some really great music too.


That's probably one of the most creativw ways I saw on you tube for a you tuber to advertise their merch.


Fuck me some of the prices now here for physical copies of those Atlus 3DS $10 sale games are absurd. Prices for some of like €110. I know the stock must have been bad but even that prices like that seem ridiclous to me imo.


Got Monster Sancturay on sale on the eshop because I say it will be leaving Gamepass soon. Nearly been a year of it on Gamepass. Anyway noticed they announced its getting a new area next year. Always cool to see indie games getting these free content


I actualy made a list on my phone earlier this year of what games I played, more games in comments Top 14 OMORI Chicory 13 Sentimels Aegis Rim Pikmin 3 Deluxe Luigi Mansion 3 FF7 Remake Dodgeball Academia Severed Steel P5 Strikers Paper Mario O


Well finished Plague Tales Innocence there, Dangus is right the parta near the end are very dumb and feel very "videogamey" in a bad way. The gameplay was a bit better then at least. Overall good main characters play story averageish gameplay. Did like it


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