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Would people say Baldur Gate 1/2 don't hold up well now at all? Never played the game or know anything about them really, fanitacal has Baldur Gate 1/2 enhanced editions and that weird recent dlc for €9 now.


For those really into Fire Emblem games this game seems pretty good maybe.Got some very postive reviews all around it seems.They did a stealth drop of the game during E3 which doesn't seem like a great idea to me. Only knew this game existed today


Your favourite games that got stuck in development hell/took ages to come out? So games like that that were actualy good for you basicaly.


Hmmn even if the game is a bit pricey imo I guess I might pick up Ender Lilies soon on Switch to fill the Silksong shaped hole in my heart for this year.Would want to know first if it is a bad Switch port.Glad to see the steam and Switch prices arethesame


That's Yakuza 4 Remastered done, that was the worst Yakuza game by far so far for me. It's the only Yakuza game so far where when I finished it I just felt that I should have you tubed and watched all the games cutscenes instead and left it at that.


Huh that's weird saw this mentioned today and thought it was a joke but it isn't.Cool to have crossovers, Three Houses feels a bit too out of place to crossover imo but I could see a Splatoon microgame or two being fun.


Tried a bit of Wonderful 101 on hard now on Switch and its neat. Unlike Astral Chain I don't really get the feeling though in this game that all your moves couldn't have just been done with buttons and not lose much of the game in the process.


Whats in the package? Dez nutz? Dangus's mom?Sam?Only one way to know.


Curious what price do people think Danygropana S will be?I say at moat it should be €10-20 because apart from still being a simple very repetive minigame I say it will also have no voice acting. Because its Nintendo I will assume it will be €30-40 min


I got to the third character now in Yakuza 4 Remastered and all I can say is FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T FORCE ME TO PLAy MAJHON FOR FUCK SAKE NOOOOOOOO.Although I don't know if this is in other Yakuza game but noticed one song in majhon is from Sonic.


This is my favourite bit of news from E3(look it has nothing to do with E3 but I will count it) been waiting for this game for a long while and seems like it will be out this year. Has a steam demo now and your save will transfer into the full release.


It has returned Dangus, be sensible and don't buy too much copies of this bundle. I know ainme is aa important as breathing for you but still don't waist too much money on this. You'll need that extra money to get your ainme waifu body pillow.


Had a look at the eshop sale and its pretty nice will put my personal picks here, Ruiner €5,Dangus's mom €2,dez nutz €350,Littlewood €10.47,Mark of the Ninja €5,Dust An Estrain Tale €6,Door Kickers €5,Super Bomberman R €4.49 more in the co


"outposts to clear out" oh no. I feel like I can say with confidence the story will be shit again.I can't think of a single Arkane game with a semi good story and I doubt DeathLoop will be any different.I guess Prey's story is more dossapointing then shit


I'm suprised by how much I am enjoying Pikmim 3 Deluxe,have 30 hours or so in it now and trying/wanting to get the platnium on most of the mission mode levels.Glad that they seemed to go for quality over quantity with the mission mode. New to Pikmin games


Never heard much of the Fatal Frame series but was kinda curious of it so the news of a Switch port of Fatal Frame Black Maiden intrested me.I don't usualy pay much attention to game review scores but yikes seems this game got a lot of really mixed scores


I don't give a shit about this game but for those who do just as a heads up the Switch verison of the Gurdains of The Galaxy is that cloud thing they did with Hitman 3 and Control so not a proper port to Switch. I guess it makes sense for trying to run it


What did people thnk of the story dlc for Three Houses? It's part of the sale now, not a huge sale but 30% off for the season pass. If it is say a solid 8 or so good hours and enjoyable then I probably would be intrested.


Huh that was actualy a pretty good direct consider me suprised and not one mention of pokemon or animal crossing updates news in it Thank God. Was very gald to see Metroid but it looked kinda rough imo,intresting but too rough for a game out this year


What are peoples predictions for the next Smash fighter? For me personaly I think its very likely to be a pokemon fighter.Would be dissapointing but it is likely. At least the Pokemon characters tend to fight different from each other and no swords


I guess because I have so little hope for this Nintendo Direct and had little to no expectations for this E3 but I think I am more hyped for the eshop sale after the Nitendo direct then the actual direct itself. Last sale like this was great actualy.


Most missed the news but apparently in Monster Hunter Stories 2 the main I guess you would call villian is your main character imported from Monster Hunter Rise if you have a save in that game. Not the biggest thing but really cool little idea from them.


0h the River City Girls 2 annoucment is real thats awesome. I hope the soundtrack is just as good this time.Didn't have much issues with the first so I am fine with more of the same but maybe a longerish game.


I loved the little joke at the end of the video,I would strongly suggest not watching this video if you don't want to bespoiled on the Nintendo Direct tomorrow considering this video is based off some pretty accurate leaks of the Directthat you can google


And that's Saejima part done in Yakuza 4 now thank fuck.I didn't even mind him as a character but the design of his gameplay bits was awful it just felt like it got worse and more tedious.That was a huge drop in quality for me after enjoying first quarter


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