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Game doesn't seem amazing but it seems solid enough, I think its on sale om the eshop for €2 now.


That was a neat enough E3 stream last year felt much better from Microsoft though.Tbh I mean a decent chunk of this Micrsoft strram did the same things that the Ubisoft stream did really. Have no hope or expectations for Nintendos E3 stream/direct.


Man I hate how awkward side quests are to find naturaly and trigger in Yakuza 4 remastered so far. Side quests were so much easier to find and do in Yakuza 3. It just barely every shows a green side quest location on the map at least 1/3 into the game.


Seeing the small gameplay trailer of Mario+Rabbits Sparks Of Hope andit seems in battles you move in real time which I am not a fan of.I don't even like the grid system in the first but it seems less awkward then this.Hopefully it has a option to use grid


The most disturbing thing in that Ubisoft stream for me was when that thing Yves didn't blink once for the whole part it was talking for and lying for. Rabbid Luma ain't got nothing on that thing


Hey I can finaly now make front page article comments,seems waiting a while for Disqus to work properly was a good idea.I feel like a whole new Slimey now.


That Taiko switch game is down to $10 on the eshop.Cheapest it has ever been so far I think.Picked it up myself,$50 seemed crazy pricey but $10 seems more reasonable even if it has a mountain of paid dlc songs now.Only dlc song I care of is Undertale one


Double post but they have announced Rune Factory 5 will arive west in early 2022. Bummed to see it not out this year but hopefuly the delay means they are actualy trying to have the translation/localization as best as it could be and not rushed.


Bit random to do this now and considering it is coming to consoles now I imagine it isn't free anymore.I guess its neat news for the fans if there is still fans for the game now.


Now that we have that Vampire The Masquerade Battle Royale game when are we going to get a Yakuza Battle Royal game to finish off the games that people never wanted battle royal games for.


Nis America has been super mixed with its games the last few years imo with a lot of stinkers. Maybe this might be good, doesn't seem good to me but maybe some people will like it a lot. At least the music and character art was kinda nice in the trailer.


Woah wasn't just Zoey that gave Chicory A Colourful Tale a high review score so far. Loved Wandersong and thought this game looks like it could be great so will probably get it soon. Do wonder with the paint mechanic if it plays much better on PC then ps4


Guys great that your all hyped for Elden Ring but keep in mind if you watch the trailer you will see the release date is for the short demo of the game.The actual game may not come until the end of next year or longer.Nice to have a timeframe now though.


Played a bit of the Shadow Of The Collsus ps4so far I do find it good,not one of the most amazing infeluctinal games but good all the same.Most jarring thing for me is not the bad camera and the like,its the God awful animations for when you turnormovesud


That's Pikmin 3's Deluxestory mode done it wasgood fun as somebody new to Pikmin although for a €60 game and just in genereal I agree with others that it feels too short.I was being very slow got every fruit and everything else and my playtime was 14hou


Just so people know they are giving away a month of Disney Plus now with Gamepass Ultimate which should still be €1. Hope it isn't a case of Disney Plus being pa peranment with Gamepass and it costing €15 or something a month. Might check it out I gu


Wait what Guilty Gear Strive story mode has no gameplay or a single fight you actualy play in it.It's only cutscenes so its just a movie basicaly.That is bizzare to me,I know a load of fighting game story modes lack a lot of battles but you do someatleas


Well have Wonderful 101 Remastered arriving soon.If I don't end up liking it or wanting to finish it Sam I will personaly have the secret God Hand 2 cancelled and not shown at Nintendo's E3 direct.Glad to see its story seems a lot better then Astral Chain


Got to Sajema(however you spell name)in Yakuza4 nd man they took a combat system that isn't even that good and make itworse,so far most of the fights with him are a complete slog.I don't outright despise the combat of Yakuzabut issuper shallowand overhype


Tried a bit of Griftlands and it is neat but I get the feeling I will end up feeling like I wish they made this as a mostly visual novel like game or something like that because the card systems do seem to be pretty unintresting.Still glad to support Klei


I did have very low expactations for Pikmin 3's(Deluxe) Mission Mode content but so far I am really enjoying it and trying to get all the platnium. Glad they cut down the health of enemies and diffculity of mission mode so it more manageable now to do.


Had to clear up some more room so finaly mostly wraped up Ittle Dew 2+ on my switch with the post gw dungeons and yeah what a delightful little game. My favourite top down zelda like game on the switch by far.Combat holds it back but the puzzles are great


Pretty good gaming video idea/topic just suprised he has a new video now considering I think tbat blue border was very recent, still good watch.


Wow people not kidding when they said you pretty much have to use a guide if you want to get all the endings in Steins Gate Elite. Found a nice mainly spoiler free one.So kinda random/hard to guess/know what to do without a guide.Seems game no hints too


Did just make a qpost but RiffRaff mentioning Griftlands lately had my intrest to maybe get it on Switch.No clue why but on the eurpoean eshop the game is only €13.29(€10.29 with the launch discount)but it is $20 on the american eshop.So cheapee go eu


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