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Don't feel too hurt Team Grub and Team Gear when we crush you into the ground. Its just a video game for fun after all and we are going to have fun destroying you so Big Mans can showcase his objective superiority to all.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSS finally a release date. The Unholy Trilogy is out October 21st 2022. Been waiting for this game for a while looks intresting.


There is no Light is actualy out now. At a quick glance seems to be reviewing well.That art is sick imo at least what is shown in the trailers.Nice to see a "souls like" if you want to call it that game with a easy and hard mode option for once.


Double post but the indie game Beacon Pines is out now it seems.I highlighted this game in my September 2022 indie games blog. Seems maybe neat the game!


Oh hey Cultic will be out next month neat. Looks like a great fit for the spooky month.


Huh I know its been out for a very long time now but Diofield Chroncile is down to €43 on ps4 for a physical copy on Amazon. Splatoon 3 is down to €48 now too suprisngly. Guess I should have waited a bit to buy Splatoon 3.


I think Fire Emblem Three Houses has now unironicaly given me PTSD of tea with how much fucking tea you have in it. I have stopped drinking tea a good bit less since getting into the game. Probably for the better anyway.


40 hours into Fire Emblem Three Houses and I have only now figured out when the game loads the pixel Byleth moves in the direction you tilt your Switch from motion controls I would guess.Very odd and random thing.Always wonder is the pixel Byleth dancing


Older sister was telling me her brand new cat managed to break her T.V today. What a absoulte chad cat,breaking a T.V like its nothing.Apparently the cat was trying to climb up the T.V and knocked it over I think.


Oh hey OutBound Ghost came out on steam now. Looks lime a fun little Paper Mario like game where you play as Ghosts.


Oh wait I just figured out Splatoon 3 is missing a bunch of maps from 2 and 3. Some of the cooler maps I liked in 2 aren't in 3. If with updates for new maps if most of what were getting is just old maps with nothing new then thats really underwhelming.


Hey the game Fight'N'Rage is on a 90% sale price now so its only €2. Has been received very well and Chris here is a big fan of this beatemup game. Pixel art looks lovely in it.


Finished Cyberpunk Edgerunners there suprsingly enjoyable little show.Glad they eased off a bit on constant fun action scenes and had a decent number of slower scenes for the 2 main characters.Did feel a good bit rushed and a bit shallow but was fun imo.


One thing I have been wondering for a while is that in Fire Emble Three Houses is there a support between every character with every other character including ones in different houses? If so is it possible to get all those supports in 3-4 playthroughs?


Double post but I am quiet suprised to see a sequel for Ion Fury announced for next year.The DLC for Ion Fury is still due this year so we will have DLC for the orginal game and a sequel out within a year of each other.Visualy this looked really nice imo


Episode 2 of Spookware is out now. This time the skelebros are going to prison. Game is really neat basicaly WarioWare mingames mixed with a lot of story and a lovely artstyle and you play as skeletons.


I don't have any intrest playing this but the idea of Night Dive Studios and New Blood Interactive working together to remaster a old FPS game sounds like a perfect combination.


You know I am actualy quiet liking Tormented Souls as somebody with no particular experince or love for the orginal Resident Evil or old horror games. But man the limitied save items and save spaces being far off from each other is so fucking annoying.


I think I may have covered this in my indie games out in September blog but this seems like a cool little game maybe out today. If I want to be lazy/recudant I would say its like a horror Boomer Shooter so a bit like Dusk in a way.


Memakura waa right Fuga Melodies of Steel is on Gamepass now. Thats a really nice catch hope the team get some recognition/publicity from this. I was actualy considering maybe getting the game on its current sale in the next few days so funny timing


Mentiones this game in my indie games of September 2022 to check out. Seems cute and seems to be getting a good few good reviews. It just launched now. Also Metal Hellsinger is out tofay I think and on Gamepass.


I just watched this video and it was quiet neat. If your curious of the development history and changes made throughout for Splatoon 1 then I highly reccomend the video it is pretty entertaining.1


Never did trusts Turnips personaly, probably doesn't help that they taste shit too.


Oh thats really cool seems Yakuza Ishin remake is getting new characters added in I think from Yakuza 0-6/7. I hope like Kiwami 1/2 that this gets a bunch of new side quests and minigames.


Spoilers for my Splatoons 3's story mode thoughts in the comments


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