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Nice to see some more normal gameplay not a heavily edited gameplay trailer for Evil West. The gore and gun effects/sound are quiet good/fun imo. I do love any gun sound that has the shot echo around for a bit after you fire and the smoke trails are nice.


This was shown during Not E3, seems pretty neat maybe to me! Basicaly seems like a Fantasty Into The Breach singleplayer game with a good bit more story.


OMORI is out on consoles now! Again I do really really reccomend the game, only thing is sadly it seems to be double the price for the console verison compared to the steam verison. I would say the game is well worth €30 its just annoying,same as Terrar


I have been playing a good bit of Lost Judgment lately and only heard now apparently it has some spoilers for Yakuza Like A Dragon. I have Like A Dragon but not played much of it. Does Lost Judgment spoil much about Like A Dragon? I am at Chapter 4 so far


Well thats Dusk finished, as somebody not a fan of Boomer Shooters especialy ones like old Doom and Quake I got to say Dusk is quiet rad. I would give it a 8/10, 8.5/10 if all the bosses didn't suck. Such cool creative fun level design throughout


I don't know fully what to make of the people who made Cloudpunk game next game but it seems intresting. Very different gameplay/structure wise from Cloudpunk apart from the visuals.


Just a reminder that OMORI is coming out on consoles inlcuding ps4 and Switch in 2 days.I highly highly reccomend the game if you have not played it yet. Seems the console trailer maybe showed brand new content which is pretty cool to hear of too.


One punch Man crossover movie with Fast and Furious when? With how much they rushed season 2 of One Punch compared to Season 1 I can't see much hope for this double so for it being live action.


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is on sale for $12 on the eshop. It does look pretty clunky compared to other games and tedious but I might get it some of its monsters look very cool.Shame its so short for a Monster Hunter game.Like 6 hours to 100% it


Considering everything happening in Ukraine now this must mean the S.T.A.L.K.E.R devs have moved out of Ukraine. Shame to have no gameplay but mad the game seems like its actively being worked on despite everything in Ukraine.


Sweet figured Ooblets must be near 1.0 if it showed off it is coming to Switch.1.0 this summer which is soon but vague date. Shame of the contorversy side I guess you would call of the game but the game is a cute relaxing simple but kinda fun game imo.


Also Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Steam people if you are already pre ordering the DLC then you can get a nice discount of it on Fanatical if you pre order it there. You are getting a steam code with fanatical.


Metro Exodous Gold Edition so with all the DLC is down to €10 on sale.Had my issues with the game and didn't like it as much as other Metro games but that is a great price and the DLC is fun if you like the main game.Catherine Full Body is €12 on sale


Last of the spam of my qtoids today. Saw they dropped another trailer for Palworld. Has knockoff Pokemon,guns, turrets all that stuff. Pretty skeptical of what they show is just cool trailer stuff and not fully in the game. Its in Xbox early access now.


Well looked through all the current indies IGN covered duing Summer of Gaming.Lot of cool indies not seen in the other events.This game seemed maybe neat as a Crypt of The Necrodancer like game with dating parts.First half of trailer bit NSFW,not that bad


Oh hey thats very weird idea fot a spin off River City game but maybe kinda neat. More beat em up games and ones with online multiplayer too and couch co op are a nice thing to see


For fans of older Fire Emblem games maybe or Advance Wars this seems like it might be fun. Got shadow dropped during Summergaming fest/not E3. Kinda reminds me of Dark Deity that also oddly enough shadow dropped duing E3 a few years ago.


Oh hey was really hoping to get some news on this game and they showed a release date its out this year August 30. Seems pretty much like Pikmin with more a focus on puzzles and exploring I think set in a home where your tiny.


Hey Sam another kinda PS2 feeling game. I kinda like the look of it but I would like to know how repetive the full game feels. Relatively pretty game for a 3D indie game. I think this game is based off an ainme that did actualy have two ps2 games made.


I got so confused why Dusk was shown at PC Gaming Show but it is apparently one big joke/refrence. They are making a HD mode that makes the textures of Dusk a bit different. Its a refrence to all the Doom HD and FPS HD games of the 90s that nobody liked


Double post but they showed Ultrakill Act 2.It seems sick how you can freeze your fired rocket in air and then later unfreeze to have it home in on a nearby target. Act II of 3 for Ultrakill out this summer too!Shame Faith Unholy Trilogy not much was said


YESSSSSSSSSSS Gloomwood is coming out in Early Access this year August 16th. Been really intrested in trying this game out for a while seems really neat.


Too tired to look at the PC gaming Show but the indies seem cool! They have Agent 64 which looks like a indie Goldeneye 64 game in all but name so you have your Goldeneye remake I guess Dangus.


A.I The Sonimum Files is on sale for €8 now just so people know. I think the sequel is coming out at the end of this month too. I got it on Switch but not played it. Some characters seem pretty annoying but the murder cases look fun


Also I didn't know until now but the English voice actor for one of the main new character in Persona 5 Royal of the character Dr Maruki is Billy Kametz the voice actor who just died only aged 35.Glad more people now will be able to enjoy the work he did


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