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Star Wars Republic Commando replay

So, I was browsing through my Star Wars games on my ps4 usually I would play battlefront 2 or Star Wars Jedi Academy but this time I went back and played a "remake by Aspyr Media " of Star Wars Republic commando and I loved it, it brou...


Hey everyone, I wanted to know which star wars game you are waiting for, LEGO Star Wars the skywalker saga, already confirmed a Jedi Fallen Order sequel, a new bounty hunter game that is said to come this year Personally I'm waiting for Jedi fallen order2


Just for fun, I was wondering... If you had the choice between Dark Side and the Light side which would you choose and why. Would you be a bounty hunter or a sith or a jedi, let me know. Again, just for fun


I realize that this is a gaming website mostly, so my next topic is, let me know your top 3 favorite star wars video games or as many as you can think of, remember everyone has their own opinion, please respect that Thank You.. may the force be with yo


For the star wars readers, I would like to hear what your favorite comic book or novel is. everybody remember that everybody has their own opinion, please explain why that is your favorite and tell me who your favorite character(s) are in that read


hey guys i didnt post yesterday i was sick. bad who is your favorite star wars character ever and why i really would like to hear from everyone that is interested. mine is always Darth Revan due to he being one of the first star wars character i got in


I want everyone to look at the new photo i uploaded in my other post. Do you think that characters from the old republic are now canon due to this? which was seen in Rise of Skywalker.


Star Wars

Hi, you guys I started this blog to find the many opinions on Star Wars based content such as Comics, Video games, or whatever you can come up with, I'm open and listening, this Blog is open to everyone, whatever you find or post is fi...


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