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Also has anyone mentioned new iron maiden yet? Jesus Christ this is amazing https://youtu.be/FhBnW7bZHEE


We traded in our copies of modern warfare and far cry primal. GameStop didn't want infinite warfare so I guess it's just a coaster now. Still have ghosts and advanced warfare for old times sake. They don't still make money on those, do they?


Also I found this this weekend for only $7 at target. Crazy cheap these things are sometimes... Have yet to get any paint though... Soon! It's weird to see the box in English. I don't know G1 Gundam I just know this the one they built irl fullsize I think


Well no Remake Part 2 news... Sad. But the weekend did give me these! So that's something nice to waste money on! Also Final Fantasy Origin has my interest. I hope they make it a series and we get 2-6 made this way! Really interested in GotG too.


HELP plz. So I'm gonna try for real to get into Gunpla now. I can paint sorta! Got some models to start with and want to work up to good shit. Where do I get PROPER paints/pens? Any tips/tutorials I might need? Here's what I've got. Old work in comments!


So the Virtua Fighter 5 US dlc doesn't actually download anything when you buy it. And none of the customization stuff is there. Is this Street Fighter 5 all over again and it's all just coming later? I think I want my 10 bucks back :(


Dropped stupid bday money on some dummy figures but then the seller refunded because they apparently broke in their warehouse. They offered to repair them, but won't sell me the broken ones for cheap fml. Anyone magically have these and wanna sell em? Lol


Thank you indigit4l for the hard Topo Chico recommendation! They're good. And now I'm good lol. I feel like changing me avatar to FF13s Vanille. Anyone wanna pick me a good pic? I believe in you qtoid. Qtoid. Cute-oid? Whoaaa... #Cuteoid


Hands down best announcement from the Sonic stream thing. Always wanted the Robo Robotnik thing as a figure toy thing.


This piece of shit plastic sold out the day it was for pre-order. Been refreshing literally every day since. None of you ever will understand my pain. (Unless you're one of those gamer things getting Playbox Series 5s or whatevs


Tipsytip! Am bit drunk es bueno you the know deal. AMA plz thx bby mwah<3


I've only ever seen a weird 3D animated Berserk movie. I didn't like it but I think that was the general consensus? I don't remember it. Unless it was like a two part thing and I never bothered with the second. Maybe I should try the manga. RIP Mr. Miura


If I ever made anyone mad or upset, or just made an idiot of myself from angry ranting at nothing, I want to apologize and make amends. I have a tendency to have "extreme" emotions and take things way too seriously and out of context...


Well. Idk. I wanna say things. Miss Larx made me want to say something important but eh. Also NekNek. You both always felt like one of the girls <3 AMA? Yes it's actual trippytip if anyone cares or remembers me. Vidyagames are fun but I mostly watch now.


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