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I Don't Need Magic or Abilities

I liked Deathloop. I wanted to like it much more.  The game has faced legitmate criticism over its reptetiveness in its final act, and its enemy AI. I have also heard people discuss that the game feels a bit like a recycled&n...


Just finished this game, and it got me thinking about tactical shooters where you control an AI squad. I used to love games like this, and I feel I see less and less now. What are some of your favorites? Any hidden gems I should check out?


Just finished this game, it was my first play through. Did anybody love it? Hate it? Just curious to hear what people think! I thought it was nothing if not interesting.


Why do Gaming News Outlets Try to be Funny?

    The almost $80 Billion industry has few completely serious news sources.    A few days ago, trusted gaming news outlet Polygon posted a video essay and an accompanying article that was an analysis of the issue o...


Anybody else checking out Due Process over it's FREE weekend? I highly recommend it.


Scavengers Early Access Thoughts

    There's A LOT going on here. Yesterday, many of those working from home kept a tab open on Twitch during the day. Sure, I get away with this a lot of days (don't tell my boss) but yesterday featured a game called Scaveng...


Holding Down the Flag: Battlefield 4

Holding Down the Flag: Eight years after its initial release, Battlefield 4 still delivers what its successor is missing This past summer, Battlefield V’s final update went live, and it felt the same as going through a break...


Anybody else sail solo in Sea of Thieves? I've found it really fun in Season 2. Gold bags and finding more skeleton's orders have sent me down a few fun rabbit holes. Shout out to the sloopers!


Former child. Current writer, gamer, Baltimorean.


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Former child. Current writer, gamer, Baltimorean.

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