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Hades turned me into a hack-and-slash machine

Hades was love at first sight for me. It has the bright and stylized art that I love, roguelikes are one of my favorite gameplay genres, and I was one of those Greek mythology kids who was obsessed with the Percy Jackson series growing up. ...


What makes Kentucky Route Zero a classic?

Spoiler warning for the entirety of Kentucky Route Zero. If you haven't played yet, or don't want anything in the game spoiled for you, turn back now. Kentucky Route Zero is one of those games where I spent a lot of my first playthrough fee...


Hi Destructoid, I'm Noelle

Hi there! My name is Noelle and I'm the new Features Editor here at Destructoid. I'm a cat mom, dancer, and K-pop fan (I'm particularly into girl groups like Blackpink, Twice, ITZY, and LOONA). But we all know what I'm really here for: vide...


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