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ps4 I just play football and basketball I only play the games I can win no seriously I use mine for DJing on facebook and the net


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This blog is for serious gamers only. sit back and relax because we will have our chance because the scalpers money ain't long enough to beat SONY VERY SOON SONY IS GOING TO PRODUCE UNLIMITED PS5's the scalpers won be able to keep up.which means we will get ours at reg $399 to $499 we may even get it cheaper than that via coupons and sales more holiday sales will be coming up mother's day father's day memorial day etc.
and the scalpers will be to busy trying to unload all the ps 5s. that they are going y be stuck with let alone loose money lots of it especially t he one who claims he bought 2000.
I have enough sense to know when someone is trying to feed. me a line of bullshit.also too I guarantee you out of that 2000 he claims he purchased I wonder how many are bad due to mass production because I guarantee you they didn't purchase extended warranties for all them their money just isn't long enough.As of 4pm to day 1/21/21 Sony's market cap was $129 billion and they can't touch that Song has been in business for 75yrs. So sit back and relax use this time to stay healthy and still enjoy SOME MORE OF OUR PS 4 or what ever game system you enjoy. Because y guarantee you we have at least 2 more stimulus checks coming maybe more because they are going y try and fix all the things that's been broken.because of guilt and it's the right thing to do.and we are all responsible for it directly or indirectly. because racism is all of our problem.