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Found many collectibles in a couple of hours at Local Forest. Alas, I ran out of inventory space and had to leave a lot behind. This'll cover the usage over the next year, since the ~50€ I'd get by selling them isn't much.


I tried making a marbled honey-cherry Bundt cake and what I got was a colour blind test.


Well, I plugged in my Canon V-20 and saw the sound + video work... but the integrated keyboard has many dead keys. Too involved for me, I fear. Video: Different MSX, but similar keyboard build.


A friend was throwing his old electronics stuff away, so I bought it instead. Such as ten wrestling games (GBA Fire Pro being the newest) that I doubt I'll ever play. Here's some of the games.


I'd like to spread the gospel of ZeroRanger, but I think bigger shmup aficionados would do a far better job than me. Given the number of winks at old shmups I've spotted, I'd do an inadequate job in it.


Installed and played some Monolith and ZeroRanger. I like them, although "Arc Adder" and "Artype" were a bit too obvious references as pre-boss fights in the latter.


MSXdev'22 feels like it's lagging behind where MSXdev'21 was at this point. 11 entries now, 18 then, and the ones so far don't look as good as those the year before did.


How wrong am I? The random perks awarded roguelikes/lites are in effect (psychological if not gameplay) similar to gacha/loot boxes in F2P games.


How'd you rank by fail/success Nintendo's stranger Switch paraphernalia? Labo (incl. VR), Mario Kart Live, Ring Fit Adventure, Game Builder Garage, something else -- what did I miss?


Kind of amusing that "if everything goes well" (said in May), I will have waited for my preorder of a rerelease of 25-year-old-games for 23 months.


I may have a problem... I'm playing Gems of War on Switch while playing Rogue Tower on PC. No wonder I feel playing games feels like work.


I asked Dall-E Mini what the best NES, SNES, N64, Wii, Wii U and NSW games were. First two were clearly 2D, N64 had polygonal 3D, GCN was daaark and had lots of GUI, Wii and Wii U were bright and colourful. NSW, though...


3 is such a difficult number for games. HL3, Gravity Rush 3, Sonic 3, Mother 3, Dino Crisis 3, Bayonetta 3... let's see Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


Made the mistake of playing the story mode of terrapin game first, but all's good, I'm not getting past boss 3 in Final Vendetta.


If I turn down the colour slider on a modern TV, is the end result the same as if it were a B&W TV, or are the colours mapped to greyscale in a different fashion?


I don't think you can guess who this is supposed to be unless you check the prompt. I understand the real boxes have labels for this purpose, too?


Kirby may have been made of yarn and putty, but here's a case why Kirby won't visit the Origami King.


So, I wanted to make things easier for Dall-E. This is Ghostbusters in Silent Hill with nurses.


Maybe a bit of Midna there in the hair, too, I think. I guess I was wrong about the term "gun molly".


The way people have talked about the number of new horror games in space... what's the actually the first one? Alien on C64 comes to my mind as an option, but are there older ones? (Alien on Atari 2600 doesn't look like horror.)


Didn't quite turn the way I hoped.


Hmm. Deadeus (2019) is a Gameboy horror game, which is apparently also free, but I got on an Evercade cart. I'm curious to see what it can do...


I like how Sharopolis looks into technical implementation of old games (without actually going to code level). Just sharing a video in case someone interested in this doesn't know of the channel already.


Arkagis Revolution (2019) for Megadrive/Evercade

As a writing exercise, I'm trying to stick to around 500 word length reviews. Feedback on the writing would be nice. Arkagis Revolution (trailer video) is a Megadrive game from 2020 (says the Evercade menu, the title screen above say...


In case this idea of "what could X have sounded on a different platform" might be of interest to someone.


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