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Trying to bake honey-oatrolls. I ended up getting 1.5 litres of honey from my coworker in return for maybe 0.1 litres of spruce sprout syrup. I'm ashamed of the conversion factor.


Went fishing. Failed to get anything despite holding a rod in both hands. Found a lure someone else had lost, though, so that's something.


That's first "released" version of Step done. Coding issues, scripting issues, and maybe 48K too much in the ROM image, but at least all chapters can be finished now.


Trying to wrap up the first version of my game tonight, since I don't think I'll have time and energy later before the deadline. A few positive feelings sent my way wouldn't go unappreciated.


I threw good money after the bad and received Who Goes There 2nd ed. upgrade kit. On the upside, I've weaned myself from Kickstarters. On the downside, I still consume too much.


My previous adventure game project had 32 objects, 97 scripts and 16 locations. My current project has so far 102 objects, 254 scripts and 48 locations. But it won't be three times as good.


So I bought Sisters Royale... sigh. Maybe I should've taken a closer look at what the plot was about before buying it.


I feel like I'm making a shareware game split into episodes, with the first one free to distribute. Left, picture from episode 1. Right, picture from episode 2. Episode 3, no gfx done yet. Yes, I'm running out of space in ep2.


Well, I made the mistake of using just one emulator for developing my game. The page swapping works there, but not on two other ones. I might now fail to get the game finished in time, since even half of the content isn't done yet.


It took me far too long to 1) move the data to memory-mapped ROM, 2) rewrite PNG-to-binary conversion, 3) actually do this early sketch of the title screen, but after hours of work, now to actually adding functionality (a cursor) to the menu.


Kaze finished, not completed. Btw, I don't like power, and I'd hate to hear my posts on the game made you buy it.


Somehow, I see spiderweb hung between the rim and the temple of my glasses. And I wear them every day, all the time except in my sleep. How...?


In Chris I trust... pleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegood...


My friend has an apiary and will be giving me some of the honey. Any suggestions which food would use honey as an essential ingredient? Cookies, glaze, ...


Retro adventure game project: 1907 bytes of ROM space left in the page for wrapping up chapter 1. So much for a "cutscene" and massively updating the graphics, since I have yet to write a fair bit of text.


I found a plastic skull, half a brain and teeth. These would've belonged to a 110cm tall skeleton (search "Deagostini plastic skeleton"). Happy that I never bought the rest of the parts, because who'd want a plastic skeleton the size of a kid around?


I think I need a Steam Deck pictured next to an Atari Lynx.


Trying to scrape together my next retro game project by reusing my old adventure game engine. Now I see firsthand the value of good editors... and the pain of not having such.


In what range does the temperature vary in your neck of the woods in a year? It's about -30C to +30C here.


Football is at home in every country of the world -- Brazil included.


Is Dante coming home? I hadn't known he was given a retrial earlier this year.


Contra Rogue Corps decided to try play cute. It took until mission 6-1, but it's still fugly and not fun.


Whenever I try a mainline Touhou game above default difficulty.

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7BVtGnlxT8[/youtube]


I dug out my Wii Fit balance board. I must've done those long Free Step exercises on Wii and not Wii U... oh well, 30 minutes is enough for one halftime of ITA-ESP.


Listening to a 24/7 stream of A-One Eurobeat. Of course, if I used Spotify, I maybe could've done this earlier. Now, to reinstall ATS or ETS2 to listen to this in the background or not...


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