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Status? Impostor syndrome squared.


If you're one of the people who bought stuff on Wii Shop Channel based on my picks before it closed, I'm sorry.


Gotta floss them all.


Sometimes, I wonder why not just stay at the office and lie down on the floor after everyone else has left. But, I needed to check my tax report today.


The next time I buy a lemon to use its zest, I'll make sure to eat the fruit. Yummy! (My second batch of lemon biskvis went a lot better in some respects, worse in some other.)


Could it be argued that 16-bit systems were just souped-up Atari 2600s? My reasoning is in the comments.


So... I wrote a blog. I don't remember if the Dtoid user most likely to know the game actually left the site some years ago. Or what their name was. Maybe check it out if you like danmaku.


BoB: Photoshoot the Bullets

This time, I'll tell you about a game where the player has to take photos of youkai to defeat them. I thought of trying to make you believe I'm talking about Project Zero, but no, can't do that. There are some similarities, though -- y...


This week, I considered making a decision of not buying a game in any game series for one year. Then I remembered I still got that Turrican thing preordered and coming eventually. So... I suppose I'll have to make that an exception.


I got mail. Retro Annual 2020. Not as thick as 8-Bit Annuals 2019 and 2018. My game got review score of 6/10, so worse than Link between Worlds.


Decided to continue with Zip Lash. Oh dear, I had forgot how much I hated the button placement on 3DS (mine is New 3DS XL), and I fight against the build of the system more than the platforming challenge (level 2-1).


Sometimes, I look at what I "achieved" in my past lives, and wonder if I should return to the well to find a modicum of contentment.


Got back to playing my likely most-played roguelite on Switch: Has-Been Heroes. Some design decisions bother me... such as adding an extra map to the run after each "win", and after six wins, I still haven't finished the story.


I forgot I can play Style Boutique (DS) on Wii U VC. Time to try finishing it...


That's Hey! Pikmin done, or at least the credits rolled. Not a memorable game, but that description fits nearly every game. Next up, either trying to find all items or finishing Zip Lash.


Been wondering if I should give Antstream or Evercade (rather, the upcoming TV-bound system) a shot. Anyone here with experience about the former?


This game's name is the kind of solution to the discoverability problem that I'd like to use.


No day like today to get the government on the brink of resignation and also decide the approval of the big EU funding thing doesn't require just half of the given votes but 2/3 of given votes. Which would, AFAIK, foil the whole deal throughout the EU.


These lemon biskvis didn't turn out the way I hoped. The bottom isn't hard enough, the lemon/butter filling wasn't shaped to match the bottom and the white chocolate coating doesn't cover all sides of the mess.


Bought "Rain on Your Parade". From raining on everyone in a wedding, to forcing the evacuation of an Office due to a fire at Umbrella City, it's been... amusing so far. I've never played Donut County or Untitled Goose Game.


Not sure I get the point of these "lo fi chill beats videos". This one alone was enough for me the first time.


Jeremy Irons and Spock. Margin Call (2011). Also, 2008. Also, 2021. And a meeting I wish I'll never have to be in.


Are old PAL consoles (8/16-bit) and their games less valued/valuable than their 60Hz siblings? I mean specifically the original physical products, not the later digital rereleases.


I received a package, took a photo of it, but am too lazy to post it here. It just contained a binder for a retro gaming magazine.


What distinguishes F-Zero as an IP from other futuristic racing IPs and makes it so beloved? (Futuristic racing isn't really my cup of tea, so my experience in that genre is limited.)


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