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I appreciate that Hamster has occasionsal discounts on Switch, like now for Puzzle Bobble.


And I'm finally back home from the hospital. I dodged the proverbial bullet this time. Still no selfies, though.


Originally in Tron, a program looked like their creator (User). Imagine the bodyhorror of that idea applied to present-day games/programs with big dev teams.


I'm bored, so I'm considering brainstorming a shmup I'm codeveloping for MSX. I refuse to type a cblog on phone only, so I'll be doing it in comments.


Smartphone in hospital is a double-edged sword. You got tons on entertainment on your fingertips, but also chance to self-diagnose the worst-case scenarios.


One of the best things of being in hospital: no Switch or video games to play.


So I've been in the hospital since Tuesday, what have I missed?


Captain is Dead, the Steam version

If you've followed my qtoid posts in February, you may have noticed me frequently posting about Captain is Dead. As a Star Trek fan that this game introduced into boardgaming, I have something of a soft spot for it. Captain is Dead is ...


In hindsight, this may have been the perfect day to write a cblog/review on Love Letter.


"Väki" in Finnish means people, but it also meant something like "mana". I don't see a game hard set on Finnic mythology being easy to approach even for Finns (not sure how many of us knows even that tidbit).


Just another manic Monday / wish you were Friday / that is my fun day / my TGIF thread day / it's just another manic Monday ...


I wondered what game opening would describe the start of the new week for me best.


Impressions on G-MODE Archives29 Zanac

I didn't expect to see these happening: rereleases of feature phone games on modern platforms. Zanac was an 1986 shmup by Compile, whose later titles included Blazing Lazers, Puyo Puyo and Aleste. This gives Zanac a fair bit of histori...


I didn't think Kevan Brighting (the narrator in The Stanley Parable) voice acting the omnipotent intergalactic space wizard ("not Q") in the tutorial of The Captain is Dead would be this amusing to listen to.


Seems like I triple-dip on boardgames as well. Original 2014 kickstarter (+ two expansions), then the AEG retail release (never played so far), and now the digital version.


Noticed eShop has "G-MODE Archives29 ZANAC". Zanac, of course, is a 1986 shmup. "The G-MODE Archives is a reissue project that faithfully recreates old feature phone games as they were back then." Huh.


I thought Amiga's soundtracks would trump Megadrive's any day (esp. after hearing Xenon 2 Megablast on MD). Then I heard "Flood of Power" in Midnight Resistance on Genesis, on original arcade (emulated) and Amiga (emulated).


I had forgotten what fun was until I began trying to solve some maths problems. Sounds like I'll be buying Cracking the Cryptic Sudoku games on Steam at some point, although those aren't quite the kind of puzzles I prefer.


Watching Midnight Resistance longplay made me wonder: what are the best *arcade* run'n'gun games, beside the obvious Metal Slugs.


Speaking of giants, I started Project Zero 5 to try and find a picture of Hasshaku-sama I had taken in the game... but did the game even have a photo album? (Right, forgot the flimsy artbook... a photo with a phone camera will do.)


... The next Arcade Archives release is "Block Hole". With a name like that, I am not surprised in the least that this is the first time I've seen Quarth called that.


I had no idea Twinkle Tale ever existed until now. Looks quite amazing to me.


I ended up listening to Macross Plus (1995) songs after not thinking about the anime for years. I'm a bit curious if the anime predated virtual idol concerts?


Hypothetically... if I left a camp, walked 1km south, then 1km east, shot a bear and returned to the camp with total of 3km traversed -- what was the colour of the bear?


I hate the politics talk here. But a speech given sixty years ago tomorrow led me to make a new year's resolution: do something for others on a daily basis, even if it's just calling an elderly relative or picking up a piece of litter off the street.


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