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What The Order: 1886 Is

  The Order: 1886 is a beautifully ornate picture frame that you’ve hung up on the wall with the stock photo still in it. It is apt that The Order starts with the protagonist drowning. I can’t help but think that Ready...


What Titan Souls Is

Titan Souls is waiting for the planets to slide into alignment, then shooting your arrow at one of Neptune’s moons just before they misalign fractions of a second later. Titan Souls is a game of perception and patience. It&rsqu...


Is CD Project RED Just Showing Off?

Is The Witcher witching up an overzealous gaming brew or are they just showing off? The most recent trailer released for the game spends five minutes extolling all the things they jammed into this game. The Withcer 3: Wild Hunt stand...


The Internet Is (Not) A Terrible Place

Whether you like it or not, The Internet is an amazing thing. Much like the planet we inhabit, there are parts that are not friendly, but, as a whole—as whole as a virtual construct can be—there is some real value to The I...


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