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I wanted a physical copy of The Outer Worlds, which I didn't preorder, so I have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to finally play it. The wait is painful.


And that's Crash 3. Great game. The water levels suck. Definitely the best of the three.


I beat Crash 1 (including Stormy Ascent) and am now onto Crash 2. It's a much stronger entry... except for the ice levels. They really lessen what is otherwise a pretty great game so far.


I got the latest Humble Monthly and have been going through the first Crash Bandicoot for the first time. It's a fun game, but boy howdy does it piss me off sometimes. The camera in particular makes it really hard to gauge how far I need to jump. Hmph.


My coworker denies the Sandy Hook shooting happened and now all enjoyment I get from her is replaced with nausea and anger. She might be the worst person I've ever known.


My insane coworker thinks Joe Biden is a lizard person and that Australia is a communist country.


I saw this group open for King Gizzard on Sunday and they kick a ton of ass. They deserve way more attention than they get. Really cool doomy psych rock, and they're made up of four sisters!


After graduating from film school, my brother talked to one of his professors who said he can finally tell him that he's mediocre and probably won't go anywhere. I'm so, so angry at this man I've never met.


9.5/10 is the right score for Fire Emblem. I just finished it and had a wonderful time. I wish the still art was better, though.


Crazy coworker update: she hates when people kill insects because it's cruel, but says she would work at a safe injection site so she could laugh at addicts while they die.


I made a dinner almost entirely out of cauliflower and I'm so full of regret and also cauliflower.


I got Dragon Quest Builders 2 and it's been wonderful so far, but **spoilers I guess** I hate building a big fucking tree.


Got the first Mega Man X Collection for the Switch, having never played X3 or X4. I really don't like X3, but X4 has pleasantly surprised me, though I wish X would stop making sounds every time he jumps.


Stranger Things season 3 has some of the best transitions I've ever seen.


I'm getting a lot more confident in my mini painting ability, so here's my most recent one! It's an adult remorhaz for D&D!


Finished Dusk. It was amazing. Onto Amid Evil. I think it conflicts aesthetically with its low-res visuals and high-quality lighting and reflections and the movement isn't quite as fluid, but it's fun so far!


Update on crazy work lady: she has mentioned the deep state.


Noclip's behind-the-scenes E3 coverage just makes me want to get into the industry. Being able to share and express your passion for video games is a wonderful thing.


So in... news... I guess I work at an alternative medicine store now and one of my three coworkers thinks there's a vast Jewish conspiracy and thinks that doctors are intentionally killing the owner to get more money. In Canada. I want none of this.


If any of you hate yourselves, try out my tough Mario Maker 2 level. And my others after that! NG5-0V6-1SF


While you guys have been playing Bloodstained, I've been going through SWAT 4 and it's great. Really cool game.


Nintendo wins. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Banjo?? BOTW 2?? I thought it was an alright showing before Animal Crossing but then it just... wow. I'm very happy.


According to Kotaku, Blizzard just cancelled a Starcraft FPS. Hm. Link in the comments.


Well, the Stadia Connect thing didn't convince me that I want it, that's for sure.


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