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My girlfriend made a bunch of sexy legs Pokemon for my birthday last month and I want to share one of my favourites. I love them so much.


Not sure how I feel about the new Fire Emblem. I really hope it's good, but it feels different and different scares me because I'm still a cave man. Link's Awakening, though. Damn. Good shit.


Been working on my backlog lately. So far this year I've beaten Far Cry 5, A Hat in Time, Resident Evil 2, Turok 2 and Wargroove. Three of those games are excellent, one is pretty good and the other is sometimes good.


Junji Ito is coming to Toronto in May. That's some exciting shit.


Here's my girlfriend and I's shelf for #shelfietoid. Our futon covers up the PS2 collection, which is unfortunate because it's what I have the most games for, haha. There's also some layers so some games are missing!


Wargroove is really, really good. I think there should be a few quality of life improvements and maybe some extra options but damn. It exceeded my already high expectations.


Yo I'm so excited to play Wargroove. It looks incredibly charming, and I've been hankering for an Advance Wars-esque game for a while. I'm genuinely surprised that the release date is so soon.


Wes is a wonderful person who has helped make this place feel like home. Also he has the same birthday as my brother so I feel like we're technically related now.


The best gift is spending Christmas with my girlfriend. But I also got Yakuza 0 and Red Dead 2 so that's also dope.


The Dr. Wily World of Light stage can step on a rusty nail. Dear lord.


Smash thoughts! I never played Cloud in Smash 4, but he's super fun. Also King K. Rool is wonderful to play and can cheese the AI pretty easily. Simon is also great! It's still crazy that they let you play as skin mask-wearing Ed Gein wielding a shovel.


Okay, so as someone who is vaguely interested in watching Goblin Slayer, I heard that it has some pretty extreme sexual violence, at least in the first episode. Does this continue? That kinda stuff makes me uncomfortable.


Got that Castlevania pack on the PS4. I had never played Rondo of Blood before, but that game is hard as balls, and that's coming from someone who's beaten 1 and 4. Symphony of the Night is still wonderful, too.


I can legally order pot online now. Super weird.


The Switch NES stuff is really slick. Love how quick it is to get in a game. Hate the game selection. Definitely not worth it right now.


I haven't played any Dragon Quest games since the first one on the NES, so I gotta say they've really improved the series. It's a really delightful experience, even as someone who doesn't play many JRPGs.


I started coming here when I was in grade nine, and now I just moved in with my girlfriend. Times are good and I'm incredibly excited. I hope everyone here is doing well. I'm always here. Watching.


Doom Eternal looks really good. The PC gameplay in particular looked way faster than the other footage, and I love that.


Okay, I really like Nioh, but enemies locking on with projectiles right until they're cast is a little ridiculous. Like, they give their tell for when you should dodge and then just snipe. A small gripe, but jesus is it annoying.


Yoooooooooo this is excellent. I now have my own theme song. Thanks Alphadeus, you wonderful dude.


Fuck me, my graphics card died and I might be out of a job. Sometimes life gives you a good punch in the dick.


Okay, here's a #Confessiontoid to end all my credibility here. I don't like cat girls (or anime girls, for that matter) and my favourite Final Fantasy is XV. There we go. Feels good.


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