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Posting my backlog here so I am more committed to getting some games off of it before I pick anything else up. I at least need beat 13 Sentinels and TMS before I pick up anything else.


I signed up for Marvel Unlimited earlier this week and have been tearing through all of their most recent series. As someone who prefers DC, I definitely think Marvel's output has been blowing them out of the water. Series I have read in the comments.


Death Metal #7 finished and with it, I am officially out of getting new comics every Wednesday. Couldn't ask for a better issue to go out on. Can't wait for Omnibuses of DC's upcoming series (mostly Tom Taylor Nightwing).


So I beat the prologue for 13 Sentinels and now I see it’s letting me choose between the battles and story parts. Is there any recommended order to play through? I may just tear through the battles since I enjoy the story parts more.


I think one my top gaming moment of 2020 was getting the PS5 and playing through Astro's Playroom with my girlfriend and brother. Trying to figure out what games were being referenced was so much fun and a fantastic start to next-gen.


This is surprising. I did not think I played this much Animal Crossing.


Started Tokyo Mirage Sessions last night after finishing up Xenoblade DE. Had I started this game earlier, it definitely would've been in my top 5 of 2020. Highly underrated.


Just beat Detention. Absolutely fantastic game. Creative puzzles and a fantastic story. Definitely recommend. Would love for Devotion to get released if it’s even half as good.


I feel like Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is getting overlooked. Yes, it is a remake but the graphics have been completely overhauled, alongside new menus and a new epilogue lasting about 10 hours. It is one of 2020's best Switch games.


Just completed everything I wanted to do in AC: Valhalla (main quest, 100% all regions, all assassinations and best armor/weapon in the game). Almost had a heart attack when 100 hours in, it didn’t load the final mission but a quick restart fixed it.


Game Awards have come and gone. At this point I think it is safe to assume the Silent Hill rumors are fake. On the plus side, The Callisto Protocol seems to be the Dead Space sequel I have wanted since Dead Space 2.


Playing Xenoblade Chronicles for the first time. I am almost 30 hours in (Chapter 11 out of 18) and I feel like I am just now starting to figure out how this game works. This game is beyond complex.


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