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Guess something has to be in the text box when you post a picture.


After almost 4 hours AM2R starts with the bullshit. Just like a real Metroid game. Stunlock me in the corner daddy!


The google assistant misunderstood me often enough to add Portuguese which I don't speak to my languages.


Developers! When you have the option to name the player character please still have a default name or a name generator or something. I hate it to go through a game thinking: "I sure hope I don't meet an important character with the same name as me."


I have never even watched The Breakfast Club but Don't You (Forget About Me) still is a triple fucking A song.


Tried to buy a game from the Play Store for 3 weeks and I got an error message with no error code. Today I finally could buy it. All this while not knowing if it would even run on my shitty phone. It does. Hooray.


Guess I should add a thank you to my last post. Thank you for suffering through my mostly overtly negative and always correct opinions about everything.


My depression (yeah, I am one of them too) hit fucking hard today, but a bit of talking about the Splinter Cell games with you guys helped tremendously. Weird how that works sometimes.


Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is free on the Ubisoft store. It was great back in the day. No Idea how well it aged.


So Marvel has a character named "The Hood" that wears red, dual wields pistols and debuted 3 years before DC's Red Hood. Marvel and DC never stopped that thing where one creates a new character and the other makes their own version that is more successful


One of the best things about most of my friends being musicians and music nerds is that I can still make Kurt Cobain jokes and get a positive reaction.


Yesterday I was at a concert with an actual audience and it felt normal. I had to climb a mountain to get there and can barely walk today which isn't normal though. Also the band was finished by 8 which is also weird to me.


The best thing about Stand-Up specials is that you know after only a few minutes if it is worth watching and if not you can just turn it off without feeling like missing something. I mean I personally do that with movies too but it feels and is wrong.


The Skyrim IRL dude was arrested for the murder of his wife and and a guy she may had an affair with. Link in comments.


Hot take follow-up: Far Cry 3 does a better job at subverting the white savior trope than the first Dune book. Dune is still the better story by a wide margin.


Reddit is the dumbest community. I just said that Dune is a white savior story (which it is) and for 4 hours some dude is angry posting at me. He isn't even saying that it isn't a white savior story he is just angry that I said so.


Had a listen to a John Hinkley song on Youtube. Fucking terrible. He is no Charles Manson that's for sure.


What's some music you love that you only know because of algorithms? #Algorythm


The last four days at work I watched the Scream movies. Loved them all except for the third which I only liked very much. How high are our hopes regarding the next one?


"Benjamin Button hosts a racism workshop" was a line said in my dreams last night. My subconscious is a comedic genius.


Fucking love it when the support site says "try clearing the cache and reinstall and whatever you can do" when the support code in reality is for a server error. Good job Nintendo.


My best score in that rhythm game is no longer for a very bad song but for a very good song.


Saw heated discussions about Squid Game English dub vs sub. so I decided to watch the German dub. Can't read subtitles while Slaying the Spire.


I just had to think for several minutes to remember the name of the current gen XBox. Is that because I am getting old or because of a combination of no one talking about the actual console ever and XBox being bad at branding?


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