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Is DC now actually integrating Watchmen into the DC main comic canon? Are they fucking nuts? did they even read Watchmen?


Today is the 22nd anniversary for the north american release of Chrono Trigger. In Europe we haven't even reached the 10th.


After I shat on 3 games in my last QP (YOU ASKED FOR IT!) I feel the need to praise something: Sniper Elite 4 is pretty great and I love it.


more or less unpopular opinion: Gameplay isn't everything and presentation is important too. Which is why Vanquish despite (most of the time) great gameplay still is garbage. The opposite of course applies too (e.g. Beyond Good & Evil, FEZ)


Super Dungeon Bros is free on the Win 10 store at the time. According to this here video game website it "plays like garbage", so if you wanna find out yourself or love garbage like playing games go for it.


One of the things I hate about summer heatwaves: I don't know if Slime Rancher or the heat is crashing my PC.


With people talking about muting, I maybe really should do positive QPs more often. I doubt I can manage to do that I am German after all.


Sega just announced that IDW is from now on publishing Sonic comics. So expect crossovers with Ghostbusters, Transformers, Star Wars, My little Pony, Back to the Future and X-Files.


Gigantic looks much better in screenshots than in motion as it looks like it is all animated in 30fps.


FEAR and FEAR 2 finished these days. The health system in FEAR 2 and the fact that the enemies barely hit you anymore made it way too easy but it still was a lot of fun. First impressions of FEAR 3 are terrible.


And they say Hollywood has no good ideas anymore.


12 years later and F.E.A.R. still is a mighty fine FPS. Also still a mediocre horror game.


R.I.P. George A. Romero I guess there will be no more zombie movies and games ever.


Finished the Titanfall 2 campaign and only have two nitpicks: 1. It was a bit short 2. That one audio log was way too long.


Putting barbed wire on a baseball bat to to fight zombies is the dumbest thing you could do. The barbed wire doesn't help at all with killing them but the chance to get infected blood or tissue into eyes or mouth goes up significantly.


@ClearlySamElliot IF ublock origin works the same in Edge as in Chrome you need to click the ublock icon while on dtoid, look for the button to deactivate cosmetic filters and deactivate those cosmetic filters.


It is Lawbreakers beta again and I am still in love with the game.


Guess like from today until sometime in January people will act like Jumanji was a great piece of cinema that should be respected like royalty.


Planet Coasters tutorial is links to Youtube videos. Completely disqualifies the game in my eyes.


Replayed Bulletstorm and have to say: Bulletstorm is the game Vanquish wants to be. While Vanquish has fun gameplay Bulletstorm has that too and better everything else.


Was there anything in Wolfenstein: New Order making it clear that it wasn't a sequel to the other games? Any contradiction? The new one being called Wolfenstein II feels weird.


Even after a driver update the Tekken 7 story still crashes for me and I can't continue the thing. I did not expect getting so frustrated with the game without ever going online.


And now Tekken 7s story mode crashes every time in that one cutscene... just like SF 5s story mode did.


Are you fucking kidding me Tekken 7 story mode? First you make me play the character who loses the fight, then you start the next fight with no indication of who I play?


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