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The Sonic twitter account just posted a super mysterious video that is obviously teasing the next racing game so I guess that is a confirmed thing basically.


Why haven't I played the "Nightmare" map in Killing Floor 2 sooner? It may be the best looking and most varied map I have ever seen. On one part there was a huge deformed head in the background and I couldn't tell if it was of a human or a horse.


What is your favourite gaming feelgood moment? Mine is Trevor getting into Johnny's head


I don't know why it's so funny to me, but I think it's hilarious that FF15 was cracked using the .exe of the demo.


3001: The final Odyssey is shit and reading it was a waste of time and I wish I was warned beforehand, as you are now. You're welcome.


Got locked out of my Password manager for which i don't remember the password. Can't log into my email to reset the password as the password is stored in the pw manager.


It's true, I was there.


I am mostly OK with long loading times for a game when I am waiting to play. But I absolutely hate the same loading times when I just finished a level and have to wait to be able to exit the game.


Hunt: Subtitle looks like the most boring "big" title I have seen in years. Can Crytek just die already?


There is a planned Duke Nukem movie which makes no sense. John Cena is in negotiations to play Duke Nukem which does make some sense. I say the ratio from nonsense to sense is about 3:1.


I live on the 17th floor and the elevators don't work so I got all my training in for the year already.


My not well thought out and based on not enough information top 5 GOTY: 5. Dirt Rally, 4. Resident Evil 7, 3. Sniper Elite 4, 2. Dishonored 2 - Death of the Outsider, 1. Divinity Original Sin 2 I did not expect a racing game on here...


Having just seen the TV ad for the new GTA Online heist and wondering if GTA finally jumped the shark(card).


You can say what you want about Police Academy 4, and most likely would be right, but it does have one of the best prison escapes in film history.


Steam users nominated Goat Simulator and Rocket League for the "Suspension of Disbelief" award, because they are the best and brightest and totally understand what suspension of disbelief means.


Right now in this moment I feel stupid. If you would point at this post and laugh about me you would be right.


I get unnecessarily angry when I hear the IZ version of "Sometimes over the Rainbow". Why did he jumble the lyrics to the point of them being nonsense?


There is a Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill game on Steam Early Access! I waited for this for *checks birth record* 32 years!!!


Seeing the term "Krampusnacht" everywhere (especially regarding to video game events). There is no Krampusnacht only a Krampustag and it was a week ago so most Krampus themed events are late. Thank You for trying to do better next year.


Wanted to play Okami HD. Didn't even get to the gameplay as I turned it off annoyed after like 10 minutes of intro which felt like half an hour. Why do Japanese games try so hard to bore you to sleep before they start? Is that like a rite of passage?


Just sampled about an hour of music that is popular here these days. Unsurprisingly all of it is crap. What bothers me though is that it sounds barely different than the shit of my teenage days. Fucking kids these days don't even try to keep it fresh.


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