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Replayed Bulletstorm and have to say: Bulletstorm is the game Vanquish wants to be. While Vanquish has fun gameplay Bulletstorm has that too and better everything else.


Was there anything in Wolfenstein: New Order making it clear that it wasn't a sequel to the other games? Any contradiction? The new one being called Wolfenstein II feels weird.


Even after a driver update the Tekken 7 story still crashes for me and I can't continue the thing. I did not expect getting so frustrated with the game without ever going online.


And now Tekken 7s story mode crashes every time in that one cutscene... just like SF 5s story mode did.


Are you fucking kidding me Tekken 7 story mode? First you make me play the character who loses the fight, then you start the next fight with no indication of who I play?


So how come people shit on the Street Fighter 5 story mode but praise it in Tekken 7 which is the same thing but with playing the same dude every other fight?


My Roommate is watching one of the Cars sequels and there was a Train... I imagine its life to be hell.


Just tried Formula Fusion. FPS didn't reach the double digits and even the menu pauses every few seconds. But the best part of it was it showing up as "Unreal Engine" in the task manager. Maybe Early Access next time?


Step Up Revolution still is the best political fiction of this decade.


Seems like Lawbreakers and Quake was enough to speed up my perception of time as UT now feels super slow.


If I play Quake Champions, Unreal Tournament 2018 and Lawbreaks this weekend I may be able to speed up my perception of time.


I have 3 Lawbreakers keys to give away. Any takers?


Got an email for a survey about a game playtest I never got access to despite filling out the application survey. Kinda rude if you ask me.


With the NDA lifted I can finally give you my rants on Quake Champions: It's Quake but with Champions, it's pretty good. done


Why does STRAFE have reloading and fall damage?


Today is a very different day for Germans than it is for Americans...


I can confirm the Saints Row 2 free copy on gog.com to be uncut in Germany.


Checking out if getting the free SR2 on gog.com from Germany gives the useless (censored and not moddable) German version of the game...


Saints Row 2 is free on gog.com and you can import your steam copies of SR3 and SR4 to gog per gog connect and it seems to give you the complete editions regardless of you having all DLC on Steam.


Dear everyone that sells Visual Novels on Steam: Don't call your VN a dating sim. That implies gameplay that goes above picking to stutter or scream at your childhood friends sexy cousin and you are lacking in that regard.


I am just getting a reminder that most bands back in the day never expected internet searches when deciding on a name...


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