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Old Looney Tunes is on TV for like 5 minutes and I already witnessed 3 attempts at suicide. Old Cartoons are the best.


Just had a round of TitFall 2 so deliciously good that I need a moment to calm down.


The creation club beta in skyrim wants my email address but doesn't let me use AltGr which on a QWERTZ keyboard is needed to enter a email addresses. Also no pasting. Bethesda still being Bethesda obviously.


RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic is 20 bucks. When I bought the games over 10 years ago also with all expansions it only cost half as much and came in a box. Whatever is called Atari these days is a joke.


I finally found the one Banner/Patch combo that works together in Titanfall 2.


I wonder if I can find a rom.


So if are into classic western RPGing you really should try Divinity: Original Sin 2. Game's fucking incredible. Better even than the first.


The First hour of Echo I hoped for the game to stop being a walking simulator and finally start with the gameplay. When the gameplay started I wanted it to be walking simulator again.


I now have played more hours of Titanfall 2 than in the first one (which I already loved), am G4, own the game for a month now. It is pretty good I do have to say. A bit addicting though.


Now that I finished the main campaign (minus the special episode because fuck you) of Tekken 7, I can, say that it is probably the worst AAA campaign I have ever seen. And I played the Battlefield 3 and 4 campaigns. Rantings in comments.


So after I remembered that my cpu drivers shouldn't make Tekken 7 crash anymore I tried to play a bit more. Is there any part of the game that doesn't feel like the the whole thing is made for people that played the whole series?


One thing I hate about Sonic Mania (and the Sonic games of old) is that you have to guess where you are allowed to hit bosses.


Why is everyone surprised that Mario who is supposed to be a human being has nipples?


CPU and Hard Drive going haywire because a windows update is ready to be downloaded. Not installing or downloading, just ready to be downloaded. I would really like to be able to use my computer right now...


The Suffering and its sequel are finally on gog!!!


Happy Birthdere. I thought long and hard about what I could get you and I think you will be pleased.


I have a super power: I can play XCom games without complaining about the difficulty.


Titanfall 2 has double XP this weekend. So if you finally want to try the Monarch or regenerate until you get that sweet all pink skin for your pilot this weekend is the time to do it.


I need to eat something to have the strength for video games. But I need to get up to eat something. I hope I don't die here, starved and bored.


Some voice in Destiny 2: "Woah, look at the Traveler" Me: "I have no idea what you're talking about or who you even are."


Is DC now actually integrating Watchmen into the DC main comic canon? Are they fucking nuts? did they even read Watchmen?


Today is the 22nd anniversary for the north american release of Chrono Trigger. In Europe we haven't even reached the 10th.


After I shat on 3 games in my last QP (YOU ASKED FOR IT!) I feel the need to praise something: Sniper Elite 4 is pretty great and I love it.


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