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Too much wrestling this week...


How do the No Nut November Nutters handle nocturnal emission?


Quick reminder that the vote for the free game on gog.com is over. Shadow Warrior 2 won. So get your free copy before it disappears. The game is a lot of fun too.


Seems like Youtube is completely losing it. I just had to unsubscribe from a channel I never even subscribed to, or saw a video of (before checking wtf it even is just now). Some comedian that has a unironic video of fanboying Milo Yiannopoulos... WTF?!?


Looks like there will be an Alan Wake TV show. https://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/alan-wake-tv-show-1202938003/


Steam finally allowing porn hopefully means a shift in the market that will inspire publishers to finally make AAA and maybe even good porn games.


Youtube tries to make me watch videos about why movies are bad as if I would care what some shitty Youtuber, who thinks watching a lot of movies makes him an expert, thinks. At least it's not recommending recommending fascist propagandists anymore.


Two Point Hospital is out and is the real deal. It really is Theme Hospital with a better interface and less pukey patients.


Pictured: duelling in Call of Juarez - Gunslinger


I would never have thought that Swords & Soldiers 2 is such a hot topic around these parts that the comment section had to be closed.


"The Vehicle needs to be either destroyed or stolen" *shoots rocket* "Mission failed: Vehicle destroyed" *Alt+F4* I forgot how bad Red Faction: Guerilla can be at times.


Confession: I can't watch German Twitch people or gaming Youtubers despite it being my first language. It's like you can't be not cringy when speaking German while playing games.


Bluehole/PUBG Corp dropped their lawsuit against Epic. My guess is they realized that if they would have won, Daybreak would sue them for the same reason.


What's with that trend by Japanese devs to force the steam controller api on players when the most used controllers have a perfectly fine driver coming with the OS? Can't we make that shit optional?


I picked up Quake Champions again after several months and the new post match music is so terrible that I already think about uninstalling again. It is no fun not to be able to look at your stats because you don't want to get a headache.


gog.com has Xenonauts for free and also 13 new games for gog connect.


More Dreggsao® quality complaining™: What's with games (usually online) asking how I would rate the last round? What am I even rating exactly? What does the highest ranking mean? Spontaneous discharge of happy fluids while gaming?


Every time I make an account or character for a game and can't use spaces I just assume incompetence by the developers. It is a friggin' space not some hieroglyph.


Rage 2? Seriously? Zenimax and ID sure have balls.


Thanks to Humble giving it away and this being a holiday weekend the The Darkness 2 co-op is actually being played this weekend. So if you wanna get those achievements this may be the last occasion to get them without a headache.


The Sonic twitter account just posted a super mysterious video that is obviously teasing the next racing game so I guess that is a confirmed thing basically.


Why haven't I played the "Nightmare" map in Killing Floor 2 sooner? It may be the best looking and most varied map I have ever seen. On one part there was a huge deformed head in the background and I couldn't tell if it was of a human or a horse.


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