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Starbreeze announced more Payday 2 DLC which will not be included in the Ultimate Edition which they promised to include all future DLC. Starbreeze will still break Payday 2 promises years after they deservedly went the way of the dodo in a year or two.


Looks like the commenting is working again for me when logged in. I am curious was it the site or was it disqus?


Why has Dtoid missed Noita? Dtoid shouldn't have missed Noita because it is fucking awesome.


Only 4 more weeks until The Legend of Bum-Bo. I wonder why Edmund McMillen would make a game especially for me given that we don't even know each other but I take it.


Fuckers sold me empty batteries. The fucking audacity.


Everything is free on the Epic Store. And also Metro 2033 Redux.


The 14GB update on epic for Arkham Knight is all the DLC which is nice.


Batman - Arkham Knight has a 14GB update on the Epic Launcher. Are they putting Denuvo back in so it is unplayable for me again?


"Ok that's enough sunlight medals for today. Time to gather some phantoms to beat that boss for my own playthrough" *all summon signs disappear because people are going to bed*


I think I won't play the KFC VN.


Having some pain in my wrist and switching to using my mouse left handed was way too easy. Now I wonder what else I could easily do with my left hand to have my right free for more important tasks. The multitasking possibilities!


So Disney will buy Sony now I guess.


I got 28 hours of playtime out of a pair of cheap ass batteries with my Game Boy Color. If the Switch Lite can't top that I don't see the point.


I started Darksiders 2 for the simple fact that it should run well on my PC and it is even worse than the first when it comes to vomiting lore all over you. It feels like every moment they could suddenly talk about Fal'cie and L'cie.


I want to play Bloodstained but it is so hot my computer would probably melt. Weather forecast says I can play again around midnight.


Fact: At least one of you will die of overhyration in the next 48 hours.


What fucking asshole thought it was a good idea to suddenly switch genres after 2 hours of The Messenger?


This is some good shit.


Why have I never heard of A Robot named Fight before? This game deserves all the love!


Me and my friend Boone visited Caesar today.


Honest Hearts is still wonderful and I love it and it isn't even the best Fallout New Vegas DLC.


Holy shit, Assassin's Creed Unity earned its reputation. It is buggy, slow, the parkour barely works, and how they balanced and designed co-op is a joke. Thanks for the gift Ubisoft, but hell no.


I am ready to make a deal with Hollywood. They make another Spaceballs and I watch the newer Star Wars movies.


Already restarted Dark Souls 3 twice. Trying a different playstyle right after 80 hours of the first game wasn't a very smart idea.


That's Dark Souls done. Now Dark Souls 3.


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