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My CPU fan is almost dead it seems and I don't know if it is just that or if the PSU or MoBo also isn't working properly and I don't have the means to replace anything 5 minute browser sessions it seems to be for the near future.


The whole fucking winter there was not one flake of snow and NOW! AT THE FUCKING END OF MARCH! suddenly everything turns white?!? Stupid fucking climate change!


This weeks Epic Store freebies include World War Z as a surprise.


Nine Inch Nails just dropped 2 new Albums and they are free at NIN.com also on Youtube.


The big Slay the Spire update with the new character and stuff finally hit consoles. It's good, the Watcher is my favorite character to play as.


SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE reached that early access stage where a lesser developer would ship the game. Keep an eye out on that one.


Tom Braider is currently free on Steam.


WWE announced Wrestlemania will be aired from the Performance Center with no crowd. This will be a weird one. I hope they go all batshit crazy creatively to make up for it.


Here's the 4 celebs that make my juices flow.


China banned Plague Inc. https://steamcommunity.com/games/plagueincevolved/announcements/detail/1723128189771746868


This is why I never got into Pen & Paper RPGs.


Got into the Insider program for the Halo MCC on PC and it turns out that combat evolved a lot in the last 19 years.


The Left 4 Dead 2 Hard Rain campaign is still the coolest shit and every dev who makes similar games should study it to learn how to do gimmicks the right way.


Purple if just goth pink.


Baywatch may be one of the best science fiction show of all time. Reality could always shift at a moments notice.


The Slay the Spire 2.0 patch dropped, with new a 4th character, new and reworked relics & cards and stuff. There goes my evening.


Also the song of the year was Billie Eilish - Bad Guy and I feel my punkrock street cred fading because of thinking like that.


My top 5 for the year: 1. Disco Elysium 2. Slay the Spire 3. Bloodstained - Ritual of the Night 4. Streets of Rogue 5. Oxygen not Included


The first horror game I played was Goldeneye multiplayer, one hit kills with proxy mines. Death could lurk behind every corner.


My haul this year.


Tip: Sell your Team Fortress 2 inventory now that the game is slowly dying. I made 15€ and have 5€ of stuff yet to sell.


As of today this account here on this site is 10 years old.


After 5 years of hard work I finally got the "Go outside" achievement in The Stanley Parable.


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