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New (I think) Genshin Impact code: ETNU2DN5NZRR


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The Genshin Impact 1 year Anniversary is turning out to be disappointing (but not unexpectedly so). The silver lining is that the Luxurious Sea Lord is a real weapon.


Finally, my bad luck pays off! I managed to get my Xingqiu to C6 without ruining my pity by getting Kokomi. (I also got my Rosaria to C5 even though I don't have much use for her right now.) Seriously, other than Kokomi the banner is actually great.


Yes! My first 36 star Abyss clear ever! Floor 12 took multiple passes to 9-star (I definitely still cannot get all 9 in a single run), but at least I can finally say that I've beaten the hardest content in the game.


I admit, I was a little underwhelmed with Raiden to start. But holy crap, the "Raiden National" team is super fun to play in the Abyss. You just need to ensure your energy recharge is high enough to keep everyone's burst up.


Finally, R5 Catch. That was probably the most effort it ever took to get a free weapon thus far. The fishing is kind of relaxing, but man it takes way too much of it.


To my surprise, I'm finding that Barbara's skill works great with Ayaka's burst. Since Ayaka's burst has a narrow AOE, Barbara's skill ensures you won't apply hydro on them (thus freezing them) until they get close enough to you to get hit by the burst.


Pulled for Raiden Shogun and I only had to get C10 Xiangling to get her. This is my 4th 50/50 I've lost. I guess I don't understand probability because I would have thought I would have at least won once by now. #saltybets


Mihoyo is really messing up the Inazuma characters. After the disappointing Yoimiya, it seems that Baal cannot trigger Beidou's lighting during her burst. Kokomi is also looking bland, so pretty much everyone other than Kazuha has been kind of meh.


Genshin Impact 2.1 leak: "reduced the weight of Kairagi and Nobushi". If true, then Venti can pull them now. Is there a word for the opposite of "power creep?" It seems like they are determined to keep the OG chars stronger than the new ones.


Boom! Last challenge completed. Most of them were fairly straight forward, but that last one was really tough. I won with literally 1 second left on the timer (after many attempts).


Holy crap, the Challenger difficulty was rough. I used up all the healing from the shrine and had to make food just to heal my party. Thank god I pulled for Ayaka; there's no way I could have won without her burst.


I'm having second thoughts about Yoimiya. She has a fundamental issue that all of her pyro has ICD (all good pyro units have at least one attack that ignores ICD). If they don't change it she will be the weakest 5-star next to Qiqi.


Tell me Inazuma has released without telling me Inazuma has released. (I'm thinking I'm probably going to skip Ayaka and pull for Yoimiya. Her kit is weird, but at least it should be interesting.)


The most disappointing moment of Inazuma took place here.


So the free Beidou event started, and the challenges are scattered around the whole map. I thought they wanted people to pace themselves, but I had to do a suicide run to the other side of the map. Why make people do this just days after the new patch?


Has no one posted this for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday yet? I somehow completely forgot to make a post when it came out. Twelve Foot Ninja are back, and they're as nutso as ever.


Banner achieved. I only have to average 3575 points for the last two battles in order to claim all rewards, so I'm feeling a bit more confident about my pace. I left a tip in the comments.


Holy crap, day 3 is brutal. It took way longer than I would like to admit to get the timing down on the ice guy's dash attack. I'm only 200 points away from the next reward but I don't think I care to make another attempt.


How integral are motion controls to the No More Heroes experience? The PC version has mapped all the motions to controller inputs, but I'm honestly finding the gameplay kind of middling. I thought NMH was supposed to be one Suda's better ones....


I rarely ever have anything to post for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday but I finally have one today (although my true love is in the comments).


I finally beat the Spiral Abyss for the first time! I had a pathetic 3 stars on Floor 12, but I was able to complete it fairly easily. I'm realizing that the most potent end-game teams are actually quick-swap teams, rather than traditional DPS+support.


More supposed news about the Jean skin pricing. 1680 Genesis Crystals is about $25 USD, and the discount of 1350 would be around $20. If true, this is pure greed from Mihoyo and totally indefensible from a game already over-packed with monetization.


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