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I'm 24 hours into FFXV and am I correct to assume the game is basically 80% sidequests and 20% main story? I feel like I've spent probably close to 10+ hours just on Chapter 3 with almost no progress because of all these sidequests! (love the game though!


Say goodbye to all your money!


Select Your Difficulty

The hardest video games are only found in the arcades. If you want to brag about your skills as a gamer it’s as easy as doing a 1cc (1-credit clear) of any action style arcade game. There’s very few of them today, but ther...


Today was a monumental day for me. Day 96 of Ring Fit Adventure, and I've officially completed all 69 Worlds of the game! I Still have quite a few titles left to collect to fully 100% the game, but I'm pretty happy with this accomplishment.


Here's a flashback from 2017 when Josef Fares talked about A Way Out as professionally and passionately as any game developer should have. Too bad we couldn't get this much passion for It Takes Two.


One year Sean Plott (Day 9) should take over the VGA's just to see what he would come up with for segways into world premieres and award nominations.


So has anyone beaten Cyberpunk yet?


Let's Talk About Idle/Clicker Games!

We've all seen the games on mobile and PC at some point or another. Games where all you do is click or tap on your screen to earn money. With that money you buy upgrades to make more money...more money, more upgrades....earn enough upg...


I'm 2 days late but on November 16th, 2018 Among Us was released on Steam. Nearly 2 years later people actually noticed and fell in love with it. What were you playing 2 years ago?


Control Yourself! Wait Before You Buy And Save!

The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S have both been recently released and I, like most everyone else, would love to get my hands on one. This is especially true since I don't even have a PS4 and a good number of games I'd love to play on it. I ...


Forgotten PS3 Exclusives

Thousands of games are released every year for gamers to play and we obviously can't play every single one. It's hard enough just to find the time to play every game that we want to play, and as a result we end up missing out on games ...


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