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I've got my wishlist nice and updated, how about you guys?


I bet you anti-Sonic nerds are more than thrilled now that Yuji Naka has left SquareEnix and possibly retiring. Y'all made him cry because of you're negativity towards Balan Wonderworld!


How much do you love the Super Mario Bros. movie? Do you love it so much you would watch a recently unearthed never-before-seen 2 hour cut of the movie? Link in comments.


Very rarely does a fight scene give me serious goosebumps...this was the last time I got those goosebumps.


Well that was the shortest series of announcements I've probably ever seen, damn.


For those that may have already read my blog post about Dragon Quest may want to look back as I've added all the new announcements from the stream that happened. Super excited for a lot of these, not gonna lie.


There's been an increased interest in Sonic lately. I'm currently typing out a post all about him that won't be released for another month, but boy oh boy have I got a nerdy retrospective look on a subject that I am probably most fond of!


I started playing Grandia last night and most of the day today. It's been a pretty fun ride so far. I think I can see myself enjoying this just as much as I did Grandia II.


Man Vs. Artificial Intelligence

Imagine a world where multiplayer gaming was no longer an option. All you’ve got to choose from is single player games and nothing else. No MMORPG’s, No Online Battle Royale’s, No MOBA’s, Not even local co-op o...


If anybody can help bring Mother 3 to the western shores it's Terry Crews!


Juan Joya Borja, famous for being the face of KEKW on Twitch has passed away. He was 65 years old.


Remember when Limited Run Games was just a silly little web store that sold digital-only titles on physical media? Looks like they'll be opening up a physical store at the MacGregor Village Mall in North Carolina in September!


So it looks like all is not lost when it comes to buying games off the PSN store over a web browser! (Links in comments)


I never did understand the concept of recreational drugs. I was too busy playing video games to care much about them.


A Rant on Sony and “The Future” of Gaming

Things have obviously not been looking too good on the industry side of gaming lately. I’ll save myself from repeating the obvious reasons so if you’ve read some of my previous posts you’ll know what I’m referri...


Just bought 192 DOGE after waking up to the coin soaring in price from 7 cents to 13 cents...Let's see how this turns out.


Video games are for children after all so I see nothing wrong with this, hmmm... (video in comments)


Giving You Some Words of Encouragement

Now more than ever, real fools will be coming out of the woodwork to tell all of their funny jokes. Everyone thinks they’re funny and having good laughs, but there’s always someone out there who takes it too far and people ...


I saw this in an article, inspiring words to follow: “Don’t play more than an hour of games each day. Go out and play. Work and study hard. When you do better, you’ll enjoy the games more, too. You are the future of our country.” - Takahashi Me


I'm curious if you're an achievement hunter or not? Do you find more enjoyment in a game without having to think about trying to get that platinum trophy or earning every achievement in a game? Or do you want something to show off your accomplishments?


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