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I wonder if there's a science that game devs follow to make their players sick. Because I have no idea how else Gears Ultimate and Bulletstorm Remaster on Xbone make me have to stop playing after a while, meanwhile I'm good for hours of Titanfall.


I love Yakuza Like a Dragon but I cant stand that final boss fight at the end. Hate it when RPGs give you a game over when only the protagonist gets wiped.


Its fun to revisit a game you thought was mostly dead but instead you find a group of players dicking around.


I understand anti-piracy measures are there for a reason, but I really hope Capcom takes it out of the PC version of Village with these performance issues.


Long Live the CRT

If you grew up in a pre 2010s household, then chances were good that at certain point in time, there was a blocky, hulking behemoth of a TV that was resting snuggly in the middle in your family’s living room. The CRT was at times...


Its weird revisiting old multiplayer heavy games like Destiny 1, and being the only player doing the strike due to low player populations. Feels lonely man


These rumors about a Dead Space reboot have me both excited and really worried.


This unbearable heatwave makes playing Dying Light and RE3 more immersive at least


I'm not gonna lie...this is actually kinda neat.


Please, please give Fatal Frame 5 a physical release in North America.


I still don't understand NFTs. Are we sure this isn't one big money laundering scheme, why would they spend thousands or millions for something non-existent?


Yeah it goes without saying, but Devolver Digital still has the best E3 conference (for now)


I was wondering why the BF icons were so glitchy before on Xbox. Now it makes sense with the sci-fi theme and all.


Yakuza 7 is a ridiculously fun game and full of passionate energy, the story really picks up at Chapter 6. That said, GODDAMN these dungeons are LOONNNG. Yokohama Underground felt ridiculous after a while.


Huh, looks like Crytek owns the full rights to the series or something. Not an EA logo in sight.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFrt-yst48U&t=107s People have already started posting Far cry 6 gameplay on my twitter feed, least I dont have to wait until tomorrow for it


My arm still feels sore as hell from yesterday, but at least I got vaccinated. Metroid Prime 2 makes it easy to forget about it though, great game.


Borderlands 3's writing aint exactly great, but hot damn it's a ton of fun. And this is from someone that didn't really love BL1/2


Gave up on getting a Series X and just got a standard Xbone X with Borderlands 3. I'm happy though, things still look and feel better than they ever did on the Xbone S, just wish more games had higher resos though like Deadly Premonition


Apparently there was a restock of Xbox Series Xs at MS's online store an hour ago and I missed it yet again I'm just gonna wait for the inevitable Halo Infinite bundle to be out and try my luck there at this rate


Discovered Android OS' tailored for PC laptops that can run some of my old games like ChuChu Rocket flawlessly, and yet I still can't run a Dead Space APK at all this is hell, I'm happy with my iphone and I dont want to go back to android


https://twitter.com/DoesItPlay1/status/1383186632665403395 I know this issue is old hat nowadays and people are sick of hearin about it, but this makes me not want to get a PS5 digital edition for certain, least unless they can somehow fix this.


https://mb.cision.com/Main/19121/3320383/1397715.pdf Someone I know on a discord server posted that according to page 18 of this doc, Deadly Premonition 2 is coming to Steam this year. Take it with a grain of salt but hey, stable framerates soon?


I can't believe I still live in a world where I can't properly emulate the Dead Space mobile game. I got the rest PS3, but DS Mobile will forever be the lost chapter in the series for me since I dont wanna jailbreak my iphone


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