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Its crazy how Christmas is so widely loved and yet there's so few games set during the holidays, like Shenmue 1, Yakuza 1/2/5, Parasite Eve, Dead Rising 4, those are the only ones I can think of.


Man, I really need to up my gamer hours on Xbone.


Annnd thats No More Heroes 3 off my backlog! Definitely seems to have suffered from dev hell, and the open world focus I think kinda hurt it with repetitive collectables/poor rewards. Still, I couldn't put it down, and was FU tough on Spicy Difficulty!


I wonder how companies decide how to price their BC OG Xbox games. You got Rockstar charging a full $20 for Manhunt, Tecmo charging $15 for DoA2U and 3, meanwhile Deep Silver and Sega charge $10 for Timesplitters 2/FU and GUNVALKYRIE.


Halo Infinite is cool, but I'm super happy that the DoA games are backwards compatible with a 4x Resolution Boost. Just a damn shame that BC cant be supported more it seems to due licensing/legal nightmares.


Halo Infinite is cool, but I'm super happy that the DoA games are backwards compatible with a 4x Resolution Boost. Just a damn shame that BC cant be supported more it seems to due licensing/legal nightmares.


Nightmare on Elm Street 2 is a fun watch, but the homoerotic subtext is crazy with balls flying everywhere. The "Scream, Queen!" documentary also makes for a great companion piece.


This whole GTA Remaster debacle has gone down far crazier than I ever thought it would. I really hope they can patch it for the people that bought it, but I think the studio is in over their heads.


GTA DE gameplay footage is finally coming out. I still think parts like Vice City look VERY rough, but at least it looks like a decent way to play the games on modern consoles. Hope the Switch port has most games on the cart tho


The new GTA Definitive Edition gifs posted on Rockstar's Giphy/Twitter look...kinda weird. I still wonder why they aren't showing proper gameplay yet either.


While it's still still sunlight out on the west coast, I'm just coming in here say that V/H/S 94 is a pretty fun found footage film and you should probably check it out if you got a Shudder account!


Can anyone comment on N64 emulation on Switch? Right now on Twitter I see nothing but bad so far, between non-rebindable controls and apparently being rendered worse than Wii?


I dont know if I like the first Silent Hill movie or not. Kinda cool how they recreate some elements from the games, but I'm just not feelin it.


I was a bit weary about getting another upscaler, but I'll be damned if the Retrotink 5X wasn't worth every penny I spent on it. It even has some of the better scanline filters out there for early 3D games.


Back 4 Blood definitely feels better to play now then it ever did during the beta. But something just isn't clicking for some reason, sorta feels like a F2P Left 4 Dead clone if that makes any sense.


All things considered, the Shenmue anime looks pretty damn good. It's probably the best way to continue and get an end to the series.


If we're gonna talk about horror movies/games we're going through for the month of spookactular savings, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring and say that Penninsula is a pretty alright spinoff. Not as great as Train to Busan mind, but still a fun watch.




PSA: If by any chance you aren't a fan of lugging around a CRT and want a quality plug-n-play solution for your older consoles on HD TVs, or you want to run them through a capture card, the Retrotink 5X is getting a restock today at 9PM PST!


GTA3 is on PC is quite good when you finally track down fan patches to make the game stable/playable. It's really sad that a billion-dollar company like that is so lazy when it comes to preserving their classics for modern hardware.


While I'm still a bit nervous about the new Saints Row, the details given out are far better than what the reveal trailer made it out to be.






I hate forest fires. Makes going outside unbearable, displaces people and causes damage to homes and the environments, and now the smog made the moon look blood red. It looks like some shit outta Castlevania.


Dead Space's forgotten XBLA/PSN spinoff

A part of me kind of misses the Xbox Live Arcade-era of downloadable games. Don't get me wrong, there's far more variety nowadays and there's certainly no shortage of new releases just on Steam alone. But it's still fun to look back an...


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