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Borderlands 3's writing aint exactly great, but hot damn it's a ton of fun. And this is from someone that didn't really love BL1/2


Gave up on getting a Series X and just got a standard Xbone X with Borderlands 3. I'm happy though, things still look and feel better than they ever did on the Xbone S, just wish more games had higher resos though like Deadly Premonition


Apparently there was a restock of Xbox Series Xs at MS's online store an hour ago and I missed it yet again I'm just gonna wait for the inevitable Halo Infinite bundle to be out and try my luck there at this rate


Discovered Android OS' tailored for PC laptops that can run some of my old games like ChuChu Rocket flawlessly, and yet I still can't run a Dead Space APK at all this is hell, I'm happy with my iphone and I dont want to go back to android


https://twitter.com/DoesItPlay1/status/1383186632665403395 I know this issue is old hat nowadays and people are sick of hearin about it, but this makes me not want to get a PS5 digital edition for certain, least unless they can somehow fix this.


https://mb.cision.com/Main/19121/3320383/1397715.pdf Someone I know on a discord server posted that according to page 18 of this doc, Deadly Premonition 2 is coming to Steam this year. Take it with a grain of salt but hey, stable framerates soon?


I can't believe I still live in a world where I can't properly emulate the Dead Space mobile game. I got the rest PS3, but DS Mobile will forever be the lost chapter in the series for me since I dont wanna jailbreak my iphone


Gravity Rush's character designer and art director just left SIE Japan. Man, I really hope that this doesn't mean that the PS5 just shifts to a standardized western template.


Goldeneye 2010's Adorable DS Version

I don't think Goldeneye really needs much of an introduction at this point. Even if you're someone that hasn't seen the 1995 movie yet (like me), we've all heard the whole spiel by now. It's one of the most influential console FPS game...


I love slim consoles. Not handhelds, consoles. PS2 slims are super smol in comparison to the OG models.


https://twitter.com/DoesItPlay1/status/1374034203826909196 The situation with the PS3 right now is scarier than any survival horror game I've played.


FINALLY fixed my Dualshock 3 controller. The fact that I wasn't aware of such an easy fix after all this time is making me kick myself. But hey, I can finally play SIREN and Folklore without the controller spazzing out.


Looking back on Techland's Dead Island games

There really is something to be said about the staying power of the Dead Island franchise. The series blew up in popularity during the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation, went by without much in terms of major developments for the past 5 year...




I'm glad Senran Kagura is coming back with a Neptunia collab, but man it sucks that it'll be on PS4 with no news for a PC port. I'm worried it'll be censored to hell. Gematsu also put out timecodes on their site, with 2:30:59 onward being about the game.


Holy shit, GME is going to the moon again


Dying Light 2 seems to be just as troubled as Dead Island 2 is, if IGN/The Gamer's recent article gives any indication.


I really want to ask someone to make sure I'm not the only one, but am I the only one that thinks Balan Wonderland is bland? I tried the demo and it genuinely felt like a bargain PS2 game despite Yuji Naka's involvement.


The Retrotink and S-video cables don't magically make the GC/N64 look HD-tier, but man they make a difference over composite. It's like wearing glasses for the first time and noticing all of the missing clarity.


Can't believe I missed out on this development from Itagaki's Facebook. I'd be absolutely stoked to see him make another game, despite its numerous blatant shortcomings I still had a blast with Devil's Third.


https://twitter.com/CentroLeaks/status/1349811012044775427 And the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl remake rumors have begun...


Damn it, I didn't know Caturday was still a thing


For those that need a nice break from it all, consider tuning into a hololive stream and let the comfy nature of it wash away.


Finally beat Death Stranding after 93 hours. What a phenomenal game, easily better than MGSV! Teared up quite a bit at the finale. Can't wait to see where KojiPro goes from here.


I wasn't able to play much of Folklore for the PS3 since I'm STILL wrapping up Death Stranding (end of Ep 8, 78 hours in), but from what little I've played I like it. It really feels like a passion project so far.


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