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Bro, once again, my crew at work humbled me. Had a falling out with a person i thought was solid and despite his best efforts the crew told him where to stick it and thqt they recognize a real one. Sad about Debo but happy af they know whats up πŸ’―


Well since i did one i had to do the other! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and stuff something more than turkey πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Thanks for being a cool community and always making me feel welcome 😊 have a good one Xoxo Jenni


Well i just spent way too much time indulging someone rambling about space naval warfare. Really riding the line of being cute quirky and creepy obsessive πŸ€”


Lol Torrid really wanted my cash. 55% off i couldn't resist treating myself. And gamestop looking out with the buy 2 get one now im a broke bitch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜•πŸ’”


So went to see Bad Religion and Trio and i have to say the crowds at Trio shows suck lately. Its a punk show...ur supposed to jump and have fun..not scowl and whine...


Love the song, hate the feeling...oh well hope you all have a good weekend. 😘 xoxo jenni


Aside from club drugs, punk rock, and Mountain Dew i really love dance. This has to be one of my favorite vids. The sensuality of the songs and movements are ❀ hope u enjoy it too and have an awesome weekend 😘


Heyyy spooky babes I wanted to wish you all a scary and sexy Halloween ❀ Eat tons of candy, Be scary, and Stay safe out there. Xoxo jenni


Heyyy havent posted in a min just wanted to say hope everyone is doing good. Im ok...got a nice little raise, but more importantly a lot of genuine compliments from my crew. I was very humbled but glad to see hard work recognized. Say hey back xoxo jenni


Hmmmm....dont know why but this song kind of feels like fall to me. Makes me feel nostalgic and a little lost...πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ hope u guys like it and have had a great weekend. ❀ jenni


Got called cute the other day and after my hair debacle that was a definite win. Hope you all are doing just as rad xoxo jenni ❀


Once again here to report on mountain dew. Had the new thrashed apple flavor and it was ok i guess...tastes like drinking one of those carmel apple suckers. Nothing special lol


Having fun at RiotFest this weekend. Got a cool new shirt, moshed around, and caught up with some old friends. Hope ya'll are having an awesome weekend too xoxo jenni❀


Tried the 2021 voodew flavor and ive got to say i like it! Not as good as livewire but its something fun for the holiday season. Spark was a letdown and despite my initial love i ended up hating the new baja flavors πŸ’”


Because we all can use a little escape https://youtu.be/XvUkoIlEnJI


Beyond sad that the beauty school messed up my hair. I know they are learning and i took it like a pro but holy cow im depressed lol


Sooooo back from vacation and back to reality and house work lol. Excited for a free day tomorrow to shop and do some writing. Hope everyone has been well. Until next time xoxo jenni😘😳


So ended up at Dollywood annnnnnd....its not Disney but its not bad! Lightening Rod was rad af 🀘🀘 love from Pigeon Forge ❀❀


Awwww lol I love Planetina...I wish I had one. Im morally flexible enough to see the big picture gain of losing some miners to save the earth and keep my love 😘❀


Heyyy just wanted to wish everyone a fun and safe 4th of July. I hope you spend it how you wanna and with who you wanna ❀ jenni


Alright sports fans. Lets go bucks!!! Im trying to get paid here. πŸ€


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