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So ended up at Dollywood annnnnnd....its not Disney but its not bad! Lightening Rod was rad af 🤘🤘 love from Pigeon Forge ❤❤


Awwww lol I love Planetina...I wish I had one. Im morally flexible enough to see the big picture gain of losing some miners to save the earth and keep my love 😘❤


Heyyy just wanted to wish everyone a fun and safe 4th of July. I hope you spend it how you wanna and with who you wanna ❤ jenni


Alright sports fans. Lets go bucks!!! Im trying to get paid here. 🏀


Ugh should i stick to my original plan and go to dollywood OR go to Disney World? Decision's lol


😶 when i think hot girl summer i wasnt picturing me up in this factory with no A/C 😢


Killer day at work. Short staffed...but actually finished and was happy. Got to bust out the tools and fix a motor. Got my tile up, and Alkaline trio tickets 🤘🤘


I love how evil the girls from the movie Knock, Knock are. They are right up there with Tara from She's Crushed as my favorite female baddies


The new mountain dew baja blast flavors are pretty rad. Definitely like the coconut one more, but both are a win!!! Stocking up next grocery trip 🤘🤘


😕 i hate slow nights at work....12 hours of introspection and reliving every fight, every goodbye, and every shit decision that led me to here and ive got 5 hours left...💔🤷‍♀️


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