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Hey destructoid babes ya girl had a shit week. I just wanted to say u guys make me happier and I hope yall have a good night and weekend 😘❤️


Hey whisper babes ya girl had a shit week. I just wanted to say u guys make me happier and I hope yall have a good night and weekend 😘❤️


Oooooh man I might buy tickets to edc Orlando. Line up is stacked and I've never been 🥳🤷‍♀️🤯


If you're curious about dance music this club life episode is a great place to start and hear some of hottest current tracks!!! Have a sexy weekend and enjoy 😘


Hey babes hope u have a good weekend! For the first time in awhile I'm taking this one off to relax! Can't wait to catch up around the house and get my kids school uniforms. Have fun, be safe, stay sexy, and holler at a mf ❤️❤️ jenni


Love this freaking song so much. Heard it 3xs between the fest and the club and hope u guys like it too ❤️❤️


Soooo...after much hype heatwave came and went and it was amazing! Small event atm but I'm sure it will grow. Had a good time with my best friend, you know I turned it up to 11 and would definitely do again. Hope yall had a good one ❤️ jenni


Bruh I'm so freaking tired. These 60s are getting old and I'm so far behind on sleep and party prepping :/ lost two more of my crew, fuuuuuck lol Thursday can't come soon enough


Wtf. I wore my cursed shirt and once again had some terrible luck. Over slept and the after party sold out...crew had 5 bad shipments...and my supervisor got down on me and took my leftovers. Wtf gaahahahahaah


Excited Af for heatwave the 16-17. But holy cow am I busy it's like non stop work til then. Then it's two days of raging and then yours truly is tapped out on OT 😅 love u guys hope ur weekends rad 😘


Six flags was a blast! Kids were good and rode everything. However I really regret dropping almost a band on the platinum flash passes. Park was super dead. Goliath was amazing though. Hope u guys are having a good one xoxo Jenni


I hate how ugly I am...lol that last acid experience got me feeling so down I hate it. Fucking low self esteem is a killer 💔😭


Hmmmm....I wish I had something cool to say but I don't lol. Hope u guys have a good weekend


Yeeeeah even that new drake couldn't even do it. This weekend can blow me. That said happy fathers day to all the dads on here 💯💯


On life lol this week has been nothing but Ls nothing else to do but cut on Drake and dance mf


Hmmmm...well bad news about me and my boo lol. So even at like 30 people still play high-school games and I'm just that goofy trans bitch...but real talk glad I dodged that one and didn't waste the money or time. Sky-blue dual sense added to cart ❤️


Impulse bought a ps5 so now I got em all. I'm excited to play Ghosts and ff7 ,etc 🤘🤘


Soooo....while I am excited for my upcoming Six Flags date with Dasia holy cheese why didn't anyone tell mfs how expensive flash passes and tickets are 💔💀😅


Soooo....talked more to Dasia and I made her some bruschetta and she said she would go to six flags with me. Not exactly asking her out like I wanted but progress 🤷‍♀️ and it got my lazy ass to hit the grocery store finally 😅


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