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Alrighty, lets try this again, shall we? I'm streaming Night in the Woods at 3pm EST https://www.twitch.tv/smoon%20


Join me on twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/smoon%20


Soooo, I made a twitch and I’m gonna be streaming whatever the fuck I choose at this point at around 7pm est. I’ll put the link in the comments if anyone decided they want it ig


Just so everyone knows, and so there is no confusion, Hypno is my boyfriend. Fuck it, I’m basically married to the man without papers. Just so you all know


Rate my Halloween fit 🎃


I ordered my Halloween costume way too early, but now ig I’ll just have to be the cutest bat anyone’s ever seen all month long *sigh*


I wanna talk to Robbie Kay for two whole minutes but it’s 65 dollars. He’s my fucking dream, someone cash app me lmaoooo


I watched 4/5 twilight movies all in one day cause I had a day off, but I love looking at Robert Patterson. What has my life become?


Is cereal with milk so much better than without? I see no brightside with milk unless you love soggy cereal and sweet milk at the end that you can't drink cause that's just kinda wrong so you need to put more cereal in.


Okay, but you can't sit here and tell me that the new Harry Potter game doesn't look absolutely amazing.


I take back what I said on the Sopranos. Janice is officially the worst character.


I’m fucking exhausted, but will that stop me from dying in Beat Saber and ruining my heart with Fall Guys? No way!


Who is the worst character in the Sopranos? (If your answer isn’t Janice, Tony’s mom, or Carmilla, you’re very wrong)


Thank you to everyone who suggested shows last night, it truly means a ton. I hope everyone is having a good day!


So I’m pulling an all nighter cause anxiety, so my fear of the dark increased tenfold. Anything good to watch on Netflix or anything so that it’ll calm my mind?


Do you really play Fall Guys if you don't hate Slime Climb?


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