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The Action/TurnBased JRPG Dilemma

I present to you my thesis, my loveletter to the 90s JRPGs   (The gameplay of) Action and Turn Based JRPGs Both Suck   I now proceed to elaborate     First of all, my declaratory statement isn't bait, It is somethi...


Isnt the “theme” of hyper light drifter kinda shallow? i think the game is cool and all but i feel like the whole disease the protagonist has doesnt play into anything and has no influence in the gameplay at all, it just feels underwhelming to me


My Favorite Open Worlds

"I don't like open world games" Would be a silly thing for me to say, considering how many open world games I like. It is however a very common thought in my head, ubisoft and its unendind barrage of boring games are probably at fault,...


Final Fantasy 9's final boss and ending are great and if you still think otherwise you need to grow up


No More Heroes, Kill The Past, and Save The Life

NMH3 is out in less than 24h, and I am anxious, Let's talk about the world's punkiest game developer, Grasshopper Manufacture. This is a GHM Retrospective, it may contain some spoilers about the games leading up to NMH3 This might...


Resisting videogame homogenization

Or challenging your "gaming common sense" This is a weird topic, first and foremost, this is not about video game trends, like "there are too many metroidvanias/roguelikes/retro PS1 survival horrors'', that's a story for another day an...


Dark Souls is a gaming oddity

Dark Souls (1) is a very special game Expect spoilers for dark souls 1 Pretty much everyone knows that already, right? A masterpiece for sure, and all that, I absolutely adore this whole franchise, but this is closer to of a clinical ...


Fly me to the Moon, and let me play jrpgs.

Moon is a 1997 rpg for the sony playstation, developed by Love-De-Lic and finally released in english in 2020 for the nintendo switch. This blogpost goes in deep in some of moon's themes and its ending, so SPOILER ALERT. I wanted to pl...


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