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Resisting videogame homogenization

Or challenging your "gaming common sense" This is a weird topic, first and foremost, this is not about video game trends, like "there are too many metroidvanias/roguelikes/retro PS1 survival horrors'', that's a story for another day an...


Dark Souls is a gaming oddity

Dark Souls (1) is a very special game Expect spoilers for dark souls 1 Pretty much everyone knows that already, right? A masterpiece for sure, and all that, I absolutely adore this whole franchise, but this is closer to of a clinical ...


Fly me to the Moon, and let me play jrpgs.

Moon is a 1997 rpg for the sony playstation, developed by Love-De-Lic and finally released in english in 2020 for the nintendo switch. This blogpost goes in deep in some of moon's themes and its ending, so SPOILER ALERT. I wanted to pl...


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