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V-neck skirt / blouse One more item that might make you mistaken, that's a deep-necked skirt / blouse. Many people think that these items will look better if worn on fiery bodies. Wrong! The round chubby body will squeeze each other, making the neck-cut shirt look extremely stuffy, heavy, and bring a feeling of showy, ungainly as if you were wearing a strapless skirt. Mezzanines Badges like crop top, boxy top are an item that chubby girls should avoid. The reason comes from the special texture of this shirt, with the lower legs, the short shape while the neck is usually round. This pose creates a feeling that the upper body is fuller, more plump. And thanks to the framing of the wearer's upper body, it will make chubby girls look a lot fatter when wearing casual baby clothes. So, no matter how much you love the youthfulness of these badger-style baby clothes, always be alert to say no if you have a chubby body. Slip-dress Slip-dress patterns are not something chubby girls can wear on their own. Or rather, slip dress is a "specialty" of the little girls. Slip dresses are delicate, light and seductive, so they have always been one of the most popular trends during the past year about quan ao tre em