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About chierhuone of us since 12:54 AM on 08.09.2020

Hello, welcome to read my pitch and join me in exploring the game's core rules of attraction. Let's take a look at how games change the world.

I have been working in the game industry for many years.
I have participated in the production of the earliest Chinese-made games and founded the earliest independent game studio in China. I have done almost all the professions and positions in the game industry.
After so many years in the industry, I am often asked a question: "Why can some video games be addictive, the players forget to eat and sleep?"

For the same form of entertainment, TV and movies are as popular as games.
However, the cost of audience participation in TV and movies is actually low, and the way you need users to interact with your product is simple. Basically, they just need to sit there passively.
Content creators are free to design pictures and sounds in their own works.
As long as you can catch the user in a one-way time dimension long enough, you will succeed.

The factors involved in game creation are much more complicated: players should not only enjoy the pictures, but also constantly interact and think, and you should not only make him act in the direction you designed, but also make him feel that "I am in control of everything." You have to make him challenge, but don't let him lose confidence completely.
If a player is always bored with AI characters, it will be interesting to play with real people, but some players are highly skilled and some players are low-skilled, how can we developers balance it?

So, compared with other forms of entertainment, game makers must upgrade their laws of attractiveness.
Only if this law of attraction is strong enough, players can willingly devote a lot of their time and money to your game.
Okay, so how do good game makers upgrade their laws of attraction to great success?
I think the best answer hides in the most classic success games.