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I just finished the main mission for GOW4 & OMG 🥺 I absolutely love this game. I feel all it's elements are what is should be when playing game. I feel there will def be a #5 & I really hope Kratos doesn't die 😭. (This is my own SS from the game).


I started playing this last night & honestly I'm loving it so far. I love the father & son theme. And I feel the difficulty is really good although there are some parts I still need to figure out. Any tips for this game? 😁💙


Shadow of The Tomb Raider

(I'M NOT A PROFESSIONAL GAMER THESE ARE JUST MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS)   So I didn't end up completing the side missions for this game because to be honest I got bored. I found the storyline some what a bit messy. The ran...


I finished the main mission for Shadow of The Tomb Raider last night & TBH it wasn't as good as I was expecting. I felt the storyline and main mission was way to short. I'm still completing the side missions that are available. Not sure on overall yet.


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