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Playing with a PS4 controller feels weird after playing with an Xbox controller on PC for what seems like forever. What do you all prefer?


What do you think about the new Grassylands boss? Look good? Bad? Meh? Any suggestions to improve it? Thanks!


It's been called the "Dark Souls of Puzzle Platformers" by many. It's cute but deadly, what do you think about it? (Yes I'm the dev)


How much would you pay to have a picture of your pet inside a photo album in a video game?


When did they move comments to DISCOURSE? And how do I get rid of my rooster? I put a pic in profile on Discourse...but it's still showing up as rooster in comments ;(


What questions would you ask a game developer if you could ask them anything? (Yes, I am a dev)


It's midnight exactly. This is my first post. Talk to me.